Corri S.

As a Digital Scanning Specialist at Edina Plastic Surgery, Corri ensures that our patient records are securely backed up to our system and clearly organized. She loves her position because it leverages her super tidy and perfectionist nature to benefit our patients and team! Although Corri works behind the scenes at our practice, she loves… Read Full Article

Kim N.

Kim has a long career history of seeing, firsthand, how a patients’ appearance can impact their self-esteem. She spent over 17 years in the dental industry, witnessing how the power of a beautiful smile could enhance a person’s life. Kim is excited to shift her focus to the truly transformative power of plastic surgery and… Read Full Article

Rachel A.

 A strong interest in surgical procedures and an absolute passion for helping others led Rachel to pursue a career as a Certified Surgical Technologist (CST). After completing her Associates of Arts Degree from Lake Superior College, she went on to obtain her Associates of Applied Science – Surgical Technology Degree from Anoka Technical College. Rachel… Read Full Article

Kirsten W.

Kirsten’s passion for helping and caring for others is evident both inside and outside of Edina Plastic Surgery.  She is not only a registered nurse with over a decade of experience in different specialties of medicine and surgery, but she is also a volunteer firefighter and EMT!  Her inherent warmth, calming nature, and compassion make… Read Full Article

Alyssa D.

A passion for leadership and a genuine love of helping people realize their full potential has steered the course of Alyssa’s life and career. Edina Plastic Surgery is grateful that her unique path led her to join our team in 2019 as our Practice Manager! Although our patients may not get to interact with Alyssa… Read Full Article

Jackie D.

There is a whole other world that happens behind the scenes at Edina Plastic Surgery, and Jackie plays a vital role in it! As our Health Information Specialist, she maintains, builds, and implements systems to efficiently manage all of our patients’ information and medical records. As you can imagine, this takes a high level of… Read Full Article

Amber B.

Amber can’t remember a time in her life when she was not concerned about the welfare of those around her or when she did not feel the drive to take care of people. She truly believes that caring for others is what she was meant to do in life. It’s no wonder that Amber’s “passion… Read Full Article

Anita F.

Anita’s love of people is obvious the moment you walk through the doors of Edina Plastic Surgery. As our Lead Patient Coordinator, her warm, inviting smile may be one of the first things you see at our practice. Anita loves making our patients feel comfortable and welcome. She appreciates that pursuing your options with plastic… Read Full Article

Angie E.

Angie has a “passion for people!” She has been a Surgery Coordinator with Edina Plastic Surgery since 2013. She loves making connections with patients, hearing their personal stories, and discussing how our procedures can help them meet the future goals they may have for their appearance. Angie is very forthcoming about sharing her real-life journey… Read Full Article

Kelly B.

Kelly is a self-professed numbers lover!  In her financial role as a bookkeeper at Edina Plastic Surgery you may not always encounter her as a patient, but you’ll remember her if you do.  Kelly is very outgoing and loves connecting with people.  This makes her a wonderful asset to our team and to our patients,… Read Full Article

Nicole S.

As Edina Plastic Surgery’s Lead Nurse, Nicole ensures that excellence in patient care is maintained and reinforced throughout our clinic and surgery center. She has been a registered nurse since 2005 and holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing as well as advanced certifications in both basic and cardiac life support. Nicole transitioned into the… Read Full Article

Christine P.

Christine has a unique story when it comes to her history with Edina Plastic Surgery – this is her second time around being a team member! Twenty years ago, Christine worked as a patient coordinator with us but later decided to stay home to raise her family full time. She returned to our practice in… Read Full Article

Haley R.

Haley has been a Certified Surgical Technologist since 2016.  She was initially drawn to her field not only because of an interest in medicine, but also her love of caring for people.  Haley enjoys being a part of a team that combines each individual’s unique strengths to be able to offer our patients such an… Read Full Article

Jen E.

It has always been important to Jen to take care of others and to be a positive influence in the lives of those around her.  These qualities have made her a wonderful addition to Edina Plastic Surgery since she began with us in 2012.  Jen loves her position as a Surgery Coordinator and Patient Experience… Read Full Article

Kim W.

Having been with our practice for nearly two decades as a financial coordinator, Kim has seen how quickly the world of plastic surgery has advanced through the years.  She is overjoyed to see that this growth has made our life-changing surgeries accessible to more patients who wish to enhance their appearance and elevate their level… Read Full Article

Jeannine H.

With over three decades of experience in the world of medicine and patient care, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA), Jeannine, is an invaluable team member to Edina Plastic Surgery. With our practice since 1999, she has enjoyed a career that has spanned from the West to the Midwest and one that has seen the cultural… Read Full Article

Danielle B.

Danielle has always been drawn to careers within the medical support field due to her nurturing personality and desire to make people feel cared for and special.  This drive led her to pursue her Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S) degree in Medical Office Administration and later join the Edina Plastic Surgery team as one of… Read Full Article

Jessica O.

As a Certified Surgical Technologist with over a decade of experience in the healthcare industry, Jessica is an integral member of the surgical team at Edina Plastic Surgery. Initially driven by a desire to help others and a keen interest in medicine, Jessica pursued her certification in the surgical technology field with the intent of… Read Full Article

Kayla T.

A Certified Nursing Assistant since the age of 16, Kayla has been drawn to the medical field for as long as she can remember. While pursuing a nursing degree in college, she became intrigued by the specialty of surgery after taking an anatomy class. Kayla fell in love with the complexity and intricacy of the… Read Full Article

Keri F.

With over 20 years of surgical experience, Keri brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Edina Plastic Surgery. Like so many in her field, Keri was initially drawn to a career in healthcare out of compassion for others.  What struck her as unique about the specialty of plastic surgery, was its power to improve… Read Full Article

Lindsey H.

Lindsey has known that she wanted to work in the healthcare field since she was a young adult. Her passion for caring for others led her to become a certified nursing assistant while still in high school.  She intended to continue on to nursing school after graduation. A two-year waiting list prompted Lindsey to research… Read Full Article

Nicole S.

As Edina Plastic Surgery’s Lead Nurse, Nicole ensures that excellence in patient care is maintained and reinforced throughout our clinic and surgery center. She has been a registered nurse since 2005 and holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing as well as advanced certifications in both basic and cardiac life support. Nicole transitioned into the… Read Full Article

Nikki A.

To say that Nikki has years of experience helping patients navigate their way through the medical world would be a severe understatement! With a Medical Assisting career that spans nearly three decades and encompasses five medical specialties, Nikki brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to Edina Plastic Surgery. Her love of people and passion… Read Full Article

Stacy F.

Stacy has been with Edina Plastic Surgery for over two decades. In turn, she plays a vital role on our surgical team as our Lead Certified Surgical Technologist. Throughout her years with our practice, Stacy has been consistently impressed and excited by the positive changes and growth she has seen. She is the first to… Read Full Article

Vera S.

With a career that spans over two decades, including multiple specialties of nursing and advanced degrees and credentials from some of the most prestigious institutions in the Midwest, Vera is a tremendous asset to the Edina Plastic Surgery team! Vera’s medical career began in 1994 after she received her Bachelor of Arts in Nursing (BAN)… Read Full Article

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