Jackie D.

Health Information Specialist

There is a whole other world that happens behind the scenes at Edina Plastic Surgery, and Jackie plays a vital role in it! As our Health Information Specialist, she maintains, builds, and implements systems to efficiently manage all of our patients’ information and medical records. As you can imagine, this takes a high level of organizational skill and deep respect for our patients’ privacy and care – both of which Jackie possesses.

Initially drawn to a career in healthcare out of a desire to help people, Jackie pursued her Bachelors of Science in Health Information Management. She became a Registered Health Information Technician in 2010 and has been with Edina Plastic Surgery since 2011. Jackie likes that her role in the clinic allows her to leverage her passion for technology and organization to enhance the experience a patient has with us. Health Information Specialists are truly guardians of your medical information and how it is organized and stored within a clinic and electronic medical records. Jackie takes the importance of this responsibility very seriously.

Jackie finds the world of plastic surgery fascinating because of its unique ability to change the inside of a person as well as the outside. She has been moved by the thank you letters from patients documenting how their lives have changed after surgery and loves seeing patients return to our practice with a renewed sense of confidence and excitement. Each workday she knows that she is a part of a process and part of a team that is devoted to making the experience a patient has with Edina Plastic Surgery the absolute best it can be!

One of the things that Jackie loves most about our surgeons and our staff is the family-like culture they have created at the clinic. Each day, the objective is clear that patient care comes first. But, the team also laughs together and supports one another in times of need. Jackie knows that this sense of camaraderie is unique and can dramatically enhance a patient’s experience with us because, in essence, you are being taken care of by an entire team who is rallying for what is best for you every step of your journey!

Outside of work, Jackie is a bit of a Renaissance Woman! She loves creating, working with her hands, gardening, and tackling home restoration projects. Jackie has played piano for over 35 years and is now moving onto learning guitar with her son. Her family loves getting outside and going bike riding and snowboarding. Together, they share a love of music, concerts, and simply spending as much quality time together as possible.

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