Jen E.

Surgical Counselor & Quote Specialist

It has always been important to Jen to take care of others and to be a positive influence in the lives of those around her.  These qualities have made her a wonderful addition to Edina Plastic Surgery since she began with us in 2012.  Jen loves her position as a Surgery Coordinator and Patient Experience Advocate.  Each day, she is fully invested in enhancing the overall experience each of our patients has with us.

Jen believes that a person’s true beauty comes from within, but that if we don’t feel confident about a certain aspect of our appearance, that beauty may never fully shine through.  This is where the transformational  power of plastic surgery comes in.  Jen thinks that our industry is far less about altering a person’s appearance, and far more about elevating their level of self-confidence.  She is honored to support patients in any way she can as they pursue this journey and is inspired everyday by the undeniable happiness she sees on our patients and their words of gratitude.

It is Jen’s intent that each patient knows that she is there for them regardless of the reason they enter our practice.  Her goal is for person to feel heard, supported, informed, and cared about by every team member they encounter at Edina Plastic Surgery. Jen loves that her efforts in this endeavor are backed up by a team of providers and staff who are kind, intelligent, and fun-loving, and the absolute BEST at what they do!

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