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Will a Full Facelift Improve My Neckline?

What do you feel ages you most about your appearance? Although we may assume that ‘my face’ is the answer most people give, ‘my neckline’ is also a wildly popular answer. The delicate skin of the neck is excessively prone to premature aging due to genetics, lifestyle, UV damage, and the natural aging process. As… Read Full Article

Liposuction Surgery – What to Expect from Your Recovery and Results

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeon’s (ASPS) annual plastic surgery statistics report, over 325,000 Americans enhanced the shape and contours of their body with liposuction surgery in 2022. That makes liposuction the most popular plastic surgery in the United States (it’s always in a close race with breast augmentation!), and it’s no wonder… Read Full Article

Get to Know Dr. Brian Kobienia

The Edina Plastic Surgery family is growing! We are both proud and incredibly excited to introduce you to our newest partner, Dr. Brian Kobienia. Dr. Kobienia is a seasoned plastic surgeon who has enjoyed an exceptional reputation in the Twin Cities area for over two decades. His addition to our team will not only allow… Read Full Article

Am I Too Young for a Facelift?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons 2022 Procedural Statistic Report, over 70,000 patients underwent facelift surgery to turn back the clock on aging skin and rejuvenate their appearance. In the same year, over 400,000 patients opted for non-invasive skin tightening procedures that utilize laser or other modalities, like ultrasound energy, to help reclaim… Read Full Article

Get Intimate with Labiaplasty Surgery

According to the American Board of Plastic Surgery’s annual Plastic Surgery Statistics Report, over 10,000 women underwent labiaplasty surgery in 2022 to feel more “intimately” confident. Although this number is nowhere near what plastic surgeons see each year for other procedures like breast augmentation, liposuction, and tummy tuck, the demand for labiaplasty continues to increase.… Read Full Article

How to Ace Your Arm Lift Recovery

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, over 21,000 arm lifts were performed in 2022. That’s a 23% increase over 2020. Although not as glamorous as breast augmentation or well-known as tummy tuck surgery, arm lifts continue to grow in popularity and can be equally transformative to a patient’s body and confidence! This upper… Read Full Article

Breast Reduction VS Breast Lift Which One is Right for Me?

How a woman feels about the appearance of her breasts can have a significant impact on her confidence and self-image. Although genetics play a prominent role in both the shape and size of a woman’s breasts, several factors can dramatically change their appearance throughout her life, such as pregnancy, fluctuations in weight, aging, and even… Read Full Article

4 Procedures that Pair Perfectly with Brazilian Butt Lift

Beautifying your buttocks may be one of the last things you prioritize when making a plastic surgery wish list. But the truth is, your “butt” plays an essential role in the overall balance of your body’s proportions. Whether your buttocks are sagging due to aging or a significant weight loss or have little to no… Read Full Article

Top Tips for a Successful Recovery from Body Lift Surgery

Thousands of Americans work relentlessly to shed their bodies of excess weight each year through diet and exercise. Some even resort to gastric bypass surgery when all other methods have failed them. Although a dramatic weight loss, especially one won through hard work and diligence, should be celebrated, there are some drawbacks to dropping significant… Read Full Article

Top Plastic Surgery Trends for 2024

Over the past decade, advancements in plastic surgery have paved the way for procedures to become safer and more effective than ever. As a result, the industry has seen a steady rise in new trends over the last few years, including common surgeries marketed with fresh, catchy names. Although titles like the “ponytail facelift” and… Read Full Article

6 Ways to Maintain Your Liposuction Results After Surgery

If you have had or are planning to have liposuction surgery to enhance the shape of your body, you may be wondering the best way to maintain your results. Plastic surgery is an investment, both financially and in oneself. That investment should be protected so you can enjoy the confidence you feel in your new… Read Full Article

Breast Implants VS. Breast Fat Grafting Which One is Right for Me?

According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery’s (ISAPS) annual Global Survey on Aesthetic/Cosmetic Procedures, breast augmentation remains the most common plastic surgical procedure for women worldwide. In 2022, over 2 million women chose to enhance their appearance and confidence with breast implants. That is a 29% increase over 2021. It is not hard… Read Full Article

9 Things to Avoid Doing After Plastic Surgery

Did you know that YOU play a crucial role in your plastic surgery results? Yes, your plastic surgeon’s qualifications, experience, and skill matter considerably, but how you prepare for your surgery and how disciplined you are with your recovery strategy carry just as much weight. Instead of finding this intimidating, look at your role in… Read Full Article

Do I Need to Be A Mom to Get a Mommy Makeover?

Each year, tens of thousands of women in the United States choose to have Mommy Makeover surgery to restore a more youthful-looking body and elevate their self-confidence. But that doesn’t mean that all of these women are mothers! It is a common misconception that Mommy Makeover surgery is reserved just for women who have had… Read Full Article

5 Things You May Not Know About Liposuction

Liposuction was the most requested plastic surgery worldwide between 2021-2022, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons annual statistic report. For the last five years, an average of 200,000 people per year in the United States have used this safe, surgical fat removal procedure to contour their bodies and elevate their self-confidence. Even with… Read Full Article

Will Tummy Tuck Surgery Change the Appearance of My Belly Button?

Tummy tuck surgery can completely transform a patient’s abdomen, making it flatter, smoother, and more defined. But few patients consider a small anatomical feature that can greatly impact their overall satisfaction with their final outcome. How natural your belly button appears after abdominoplasty surgery can influence your satisfaction with your end result. Here’s why such… Read Full Article
Fillers vs Plastic Surgery

Dermal Filler VS Plastic Surgery 5 Ways to Know When Surgery Is Best

The world of injectable fillers has experienced an incredible boom in popularity over the past decade. Not only have a barrage of new products entered the market, but the FDA has approved several new treatment areas. These innovative, minimally-invasive volume enhancers excel at smoothing wrinkles, defining jawlines, and plumping lips, but can dermal fillers replace… Read Full Article

5 Unique Ways to Manage Postoperative Pain

The results of plastic surgery can be life changing. The sense of empowerment derived from loving how you look can elevate your self-confidence and influence how you interact with the people and world around you. However, some people write off plastic surgery for fear of a potentially painful recovery. Luckily, effective pain management methods exist… Read Full Article

10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Edina Plastic Surgery

At Edina Plastic Surgery, we know you have a lot of options when it comes to seeking a plastic surgery clinic in the Twin Cities. As a patient, this can feel very overwhelming. Which clinic provides your procedure of interest? Who are the best providers of your desired surgery? What makes one plastic surgery practice… Read Full Article

5 Benefits of Combining Your Plastic Surgery Procedures

Suppose you are considering plastic surgery and are interested in improving the appearance of two or more areas of your face or body. In that case, you may want to consider combining multiple procedures in a single surgery. This approach to plastic surgery can have significant benefits over scheduling each procedure individually. From decreased downtime… Read Full Article

6 Non-Surgical Ways to Enhance Your Eyelid Surgery

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons Plastic Surgery Statistics Report, over 325,000 Americans chose to go under the knife in 2020 to restore a more youthful appearance to their eyes. Eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, is a corrective procedure used to address both cosmetic and functional concerns related to the upper and… Read Full Article
CareCredit blog

The 411 on Financing Your Plastic Surgery with CareCredit®

Are you interested in Plastic Surgery but need flexibility with financing your procedure? At Edina Plastic Surgery, we offer several options to fit our patients’ lifestyles and budgets, including CareCredit®. Our team has successfully helped hundreds of our patients find the best solution to meet their needs and accomplish their goals year after year through… Read Full Article

Removing & Replacing Your Breast Implants

Explore Your Options with Explant Surgery Breast implants are one of the most requested plastic surgery procedures in the world. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, over 313,000 breast augmentations were performed in the United States in 2018. Breast implants can restore youthful fullness and volume to the breasts, enhance the balance of your… Read Full Article

Feel Confident & Secure Going Sleeveless

Bare your arms proudly with Brachioplasty “Arm Lift” Surgery Are you fit and healthy, but the skin on your upper arms seems to sag with a deflated, flappy appearance? Have you lost a substantial amount of weight through diet and exercise or bariatric surgery and are now left with large amounts of heavy, loose skin… Read Full Article

Edina Plastic Surgery is Now Open

New COVID-19 protocols to ensure the health and safety of our patients and staff Our surgeons and staff are so excited to welcome you back to Edina Plastic Surgery! We want to extend our deepest gratitude for your patience and loyalty as our practice has navigated its way through the COVID-19 crisis. As of Wednesday, May… Read Full Article

Coronavirus – Facts Over Fear Series

Your most pressing questions about COVID-19 answered The unknown can be a powerful catalyst for anxiety. Because of the vast array of sources we now turn to for information and news in the 21st century, trying to obtain factual and un-sensationalized information can be difficult. For this reason, Edina Plastic Surgery will be addressing some… Read Full Article

9 Ways to Boost Your Body’s Natural Defenses & Increase Your Immunity

If the Coronavirus Pandemic has been causing you to take a second look at your overall state of health, you’re not alone. Over the past few weeks, the sale of certain dietary supplements has skyrocketed and home-based and online fitness programs are enjoying heightened popularity and subscriptions. Our current situation has prompted tens of millions… Read Full Article

COVID-19 VS. the Flu

How the two viruses vary and why the differences matter Have your discussions with family and friends regarding the Coronavirus promoted the question, “What’s the big deal – isn’t COVID-19 just like the flu?” Many comparisons have been drawn between the two viruses that cause respiratory disease, but there are important differences between them. Understanding… Read Full Article

Simple Strategies

Help Prevent the Spread of the COVID-19 & Reduce Your Risk of Contracting it After the World Health Organization declared the Coronavirus a pandemic this month, many of us started taking a closer look at how we could safeguard ourselves from contracting the virus and help prevent its spread throughout the United States and World.… Read Full Article

Scar Tactics

The common causes of poor scarring after surgery and how you can heal beautifully If there is an incision, there will be a scar. Although advancements in surgery have made leaps and bounds over the past century, “scar-less surgery” is a medical frontier that has yet to be conquered. In plastic surgery, patients need to… Read Full Article

Update Your Profile with Rhinoplasty Surgery

5 important things to know about a nose job There is nothing standard about Rhinoplasty Surgery. Your nose is one of the most prominent features of your face, and the emotional toll of being dissatisfied with its appearance can be devastating to your self-confidence. Whether you are unhappy with an abnormally large nose that throws off… Read Full Article

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon VS. Cosmetic Surgeon

The difference makes all the difference. This past February, the Florida Senate proposed a bill which would allow the Department of Health to have more regulatory power over the cosmetic surgery industry. If passed, the department would be able to take legal action against doctors and clinics in the case of serious injury or death.… Read Full Article

5 Reason Why You Should Choose Edina Plastic Surgery

Deciding to have plastic surgery may be easy, but navigating through your options of where and whom to go for your procedure can be confusing and intimidating. What makes one practice or physician superior to another? Will you be able to afford your surgery? How do you know if your physician is an expert in… Read Full Article

A Legacy of Leadership

Clinic Manager, Orla McClure retires after 42 years of service and dedication To most of us, the time of being committed to one job, company, or even career path for more than 20 years is an archaic notion of the past. Therefore, the idea of being employed with one institution for over 4 DECADES sounds… Read Full Article

Plastic Surgery vs. Cosmetic Surgery: What’s the Difference?

Many think that cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery are terms that can be used interchangeably, but that is not the case. Although closely related, they are not the same and vary greatly in the education and training behind them. Plastic surgery is a medical specialty that is certified by the American Board of Medical Specialists.… Read Full Article

Interesting facts about rhinoplasty

The demand for rhinoplasty remains very high. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), in 2015 more than 145,000 people had plastic surgeons perform nose surgeries. Rhinoplasty isn’t always done simply for the cosmetic aspects. Often nose surgery is performed to correct medical issues. Many patients have breathing issues resulting from a… Read Full Article

Taking the fear out of plastic surgery

Here are four factors that can help take the fear out of having plastic surgery: 1. Information is power. The popular quote “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” is very applicable for patients considering plastic surgery today. In the past many people have opted to avoid plastic surgery procedures even when… Read Full Article

Trends in Plastic Surgery

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) has released their annual plastic surgery procedural statistics, showing a three percent growth in cosmetic procedures over the last year. According to ASPS, there were 17.1 million surgical and minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures performed in the United States in 2016. “As cosmetic procedures become more common we are seeing… Read Full Article

Patients find that doing multiple procedures at once minimizes their down time and saves costs

Why do patients prefer doing multiple plastic surgery procedures at one time? AnswerWith the advent of much-improved anesthesia techniques that allow a safer anesthetic with fewer after-effects, combined with the popularity of such shows as “Extreme Makeover”, requests for multiple procedures at one setting are increasing rapidly. Many patients are delighted with the result of… Read Full Article

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