Mikaela M.

Certified Surgical Technologist

Mikaela is passionate about positivity! Her innate drive to care for others and her desire to have a meaningful, positive impact on people’s lives made a career in medicine a natural choice. Now, as a Certified Surgical Technologist at Edina Plastic Surgery, Mikaela plays a crucial role in the journey our patients take to achieving their highest level of self-confidence.

What Mikaela finds most inspiring about the world of plastic surgery is that it can provide a patient with a new outlook on life, both physically and mentally. She loves how rapidly the industry advances while consistently challenging her and allowing her to grow. Mikaela finds constant motivation in the caliber of care our providers and staff extend to our patients. She feels proud to work with a team who are so devoted to delivering the highest quality of care.

Mikaela wants each patient she encounters to rest assured that she will do everything to ensure they have the best possible experience at Edina Plastic Surgery. Although her keen eye for detail and exceptional organizational skills help her excel in her position, Mikaela also brings a warm and personal element to her role. She takes time to truly listen to patients and learn what they need, whether it’s a comforting hug, a reassuring joke, or an answer to a concern they may have. Mikaela is adamant about being 100% present for each patient she touches.

When outside of work, Mikaela spends as much quality time with her family as possible. They love traveling together to new destinations and enjoying the beautiful outdoors of Minnesota. Mikaela makes sure to end even the most challenging days by focusing on the positive things that transpired.

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