Amy P.

Perioperative Nurse

Amy has always felt drawn to a career in medicine due to her love of science and caring for others. She attended the prestigious St. Catherine University and graduated with honors and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2021. Amy now works as a Trauma-Neuro Nurse in the intensive care unit at North Memorial Health Hospital alongside her position as a Perioperative Nurse at Edina Plastic Surgery.

Although Amy finds the fast pace and tremendous amount of skill required to be a Trauma-Neuro Nurse very rewarding, she has always been inspired by the transformative power of the plastic surgery field. Like many of her coworkers, she believes that the confidence patients feel after plastic surgery can improve every aspect of their lives, not just their appearance. Amy feels honored to be a part of that process and the unique journey each patient takes with us. She appreciates the years of experience she has accumulated working in critical care because they have allowed her to offer an even higher caliber of personalized care to her Edina Plastic Surgery patients.

Amy is excited to work with Edina Plastic Surgery because of our excellent reputation for compassionate care and outstanding results. She is continuously impressed by the commitment her coworkers show in exceeding patient expectations and raising the bar to a new standard of patient care. Amy is also inspired by the family-like dynamic amongst our staff and how the respect and warmth everyone regards each other with translates into how we treat our patients. This level of authenticity is important to her and makes her feel proud to refer those she cares about to our providers.

Outside of work, Amy is someone who practices what she preaches and is a total fitness enthusiast. She practices yoga, is very health conscious, and loves working out. Amy also enjoys traveling throughout the US and overseas with family and friends. She is currently having fun decorating her new home with her boyfriend and two beloved dogs!

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