Nicole S.

Director of Clinical and Peri-Anesthesia Operations

As Edina Plastic Surgery’s Lead Nurse, Nicole ensures that excellence in patient care is maintained and reinforced throughout our clinic and surgery center. She has been a registered nurse since 2005 and holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing as well as advanced certifications in both basic and cardiac life support. Nicole transitioned into the plastic and reconstructive surgery field six years ago. She quickly fell in love with both the exciting pace of the industry and the transformational impact plastic surgery can have on the lives of patients!

Nicole has always gravitated towards positions of leadership. She believes in high standards of accountability and exceeding expectations, which makes her the perfect fit for the culture of Edina Plastic Surgery. Many people are unaware of the sheer amount of preparation, detail, and steps that go into each of our surgeries. Nicole plays an integral role in ensuring that each one is as safe and successful as it can be. From coordinating every stage of your care with her team to assisting in surgical procedures and fostering a spirit of teamwork amongst our staff – Nicole is proud to be a part of the Edina Plastic Surgery team.

Family, friends, and the outdoors are all very important to Nicole. Regardless of the season, she jumps on opportunities to partake in outside activities. Like so many of our patients, Nicole appreciates the direct correlation between how you look and how you feel. For this reason, she is adamant about prioritizing her health and enjoys working out and leading an overall healthy lifestyle.

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