Erin L.

Director of Non-Clinical Support Staff

Erin’s diverse background, life experiences, and educational pathway have intricately woven together throughout the years with a strong undercurrent of one guiding principle: to serve others. Her unwavering commitment to this goal, no matter where or in what role she has found herself, is a testament to her dedication and care. Her compassion, authenticity, and unique skillset make her exceptional in her role as Edina Plastic Surgery’s Director of Non-Clinical Staff.

Creativity has been at the cornerstone of Erin’s life since she was young. Whether channeling her passion through words or art, she long ago recognized that she would need a creative outlet in life to be happy in both heart and mind. This realization initially led her to pursue her Bachelor of Art in English Literature with a minor in Art from the University of Montana in Missoula. But soon after, a life-changing experience while in the Peace Corps rerouted her career path.

In 2001, Erin traveled to the Dominican Republic to volunteer with the Peace Corps. Here, she became inspired to become bilingual and serve the Spanish-speaking community as an interpreter. Upon returning to the United States, Erin studied through Century College to become qualified to work as a Spanish-speaking interpreter and became a nationally certified health care interpreter (CHI) in 2015. It was in this role that Erin first came to work with Edina Plastic Surgery as an interpreter for our Spanish-speaking patients!

During her time with Edina Plastic Surgery, Erin has come to appreciate how unique our clinic and staff are. She has been continuously impressed by our team’s positivity and passion for what we do and the kindness, warmth, and respect we show our patients. She loves the family dynamic and culture of our clinic and how that sense of intimacy and inclusion extends to our patients. Erin believes everyone deserves to feel and look their best and is grateful that places like Edina Plastic Surgery exist to help them feel confident and at home in their own bodies.

When interacting with Erin, expect direct eye contact, a warm, inviting smile, a hilarious sense of humor, and fun! She loves making others laugh, feel comfortable and welcome, and truly seen. Erin believes diversity makes the world a more dynamic and beautiful place. She is always ready to take on any challenge or navigate any obstacles to ease the journey and lessen the load for anyone in need. These qualities make Erin an absolutely invaluable asset to Edina Plastic Surgery and our patients.

Erin’s life is rich with hobbies, creativity, and love outside of work! More than anything, she relishes spending time with her son and exposing him to new adventures and opportunities to learn and love the world around him. Erin is also a successful artist whose handmade home goods have a thriving following on Etsy and Instagram (check her out @nascentstatedesign)!

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