Michele H.

Director of Skin Artisans Operations

Michele is a beauty industry veteran with over 30 years of experience! Although she originally obtained her license to practice cosmetology in 1988, her personality and passion quickly led her to the industry’s customer service and management side. As Office Manager, Michele loves interacting with patients and using her natural ability to lead to make the Skin Artisans team a strong, cohesive work family.  

An intrinsic drive to care for and make others happy has steered much of Michele’s career. She thoroughly enjoys working with patients to ensure that their experience at Skin Artisans is top-notch, from the first phone call to completing each treatment they have with us. Michele brings a wealth of positivity, warmth, and professionalism when working with both patients and staff and continuously strives to go above and beyond expectations.

Michele feels honored to work with a practice owned and medically directed by some of the most talented and exceptionally kind plastic surgeons in the entire nation. She believes that the Skin Artisans providers are the most talented group she has ever worked with and appreciates how staff as a whole prioritizes continuing education and a higher standard of excellence in all that they do.
It is Michele’s mission that every interaction a patient has with Skin Artisans exceeds their expectations and that each feels genuinely cared for. She values how we make patients feel just as much as the wonderful results we help them achieve for their skin and appearance!

Michele has a busy family life outside of work. She enjoys spending time with her husband, three grown children, and her grandson, who she adores! Michele also loves working out and spending time in the beautiful outdoors of Minnesota.

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