Sadie J.

Senior Accounting Specialist

Sadie has always had a passion for numbers, and her skill for working with them became evident at a very young age. In her youth, Sadie learned to appreciate the power numbers held and how their unique language could help tell the story of the world around her. Her keen interest and natural aptitude prompted Sadie to pursue a degree in accounting from Mankato State University. As our Senior Accounting Specialist, she gets to work with the numbers she loves on a daily basis and utilize her skills to help build and shape the financial narrative of Edina Plastic Surgery.

As someone who is extremely outgoing and fun-loving, Sadie defies any stereotypes of a quiet, number-crunching accountant hiding behind a calculator and spreadsheet. Although she is very detail-oriented and meticulous with her work, she also values a good joke, a sharp wit, and making meaningful connections with co-workers.  

Sadie is excited to be a part of Edina Plastic Surgery and a team that collectively strives to enhance patients’ lives by elevating the level of confidence they feel in their appearance. She believes that when someone loves the way they look that it has a positive ripple effect on the other facets of their life. Sadie is proud to work with an organization that facilitates that beautiful change in patients’ lives.

Sadie subscribes to the life philosophy of family first. When outside of work, she loves nothing more than spending time with her family. She and her husband have a young daughter who they adore and enjoy traveling with. For Sadie, every day is an opportunity to experience new things and create memories that will last a lifetime for her family.

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