Keri F.

Certified Surgical Technologist

With over 20 years of surgical experience, Keri brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Edina Plastic Surgery. Like so many in her field, Keri was initially drawn to a career in healthcare out of compassion for others.  What struck her as unique about the specialty of plastic surgery, was its power to improve patients’ lives on so many different levels, including both physically and psychologically.

As one of our Certified Surgical Technologists, Keri works with her team to ensure that the operating suite your procedure is performed in absolutely pristine. This role includes prepping the OR to make sure it meets the highest level of safety standards for a sterile environment. Keri works alongside our surgeons during your procedure to make sure a sterile surgical field is maintained before and throughout your surgery.

Keri loves being a part of a team that works so efficiently and effectively together. She is continuously impressed by the caliber of care we can extend to our patients and how the expectations they have for their care and results are so commonly exceeded. She realizes that it takes real teamwork to accomplish this and a drive and motivation that repeatedly places the needs of the patient first.

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