Kirsten W.

Perioperative Nurse

Kirsten’s passion for helping and caring for others is evident both inside and outside of Edina Plastic Surgery.  She is not only a registered nurse with over a decade of experience in different specialties of medicine and surgery, but she is also a volunteer firefighter and EMT!  Her inherent warmth, calming nature, and compassion make her outstanding in her role as a Recovery Nurse in our practice.

Responding to the emergency and high stress situations she encounters as a firefighter and EMT has made Kirsten a very decisive and sharp decision maker.  She is able to quickly prioritize what a patient needs and to act quickly.  Her training has also taught her how to deescalate difficult situations and continuously keep the well-being and care of a patient as her top priority.  Patients often comment on how safe and secure she makes them feel because of her confident nature, genuine friendliness, and great sense of humor.

Kirsten is unique in that she also works with Skin Artisans at Edina Plastic Surgery.  She has over a decade of sclerotherapy experience and assisting with vein procedures.  Kirsten loves helping her patients feel confident wearing shorts and skirts again by clearing their spider veins!  

When Kirsten isn’t helping our surgical patients recover or injecting leg veins at Skin Artisans, you can find her relishing the time she gets to spend with her family, including her two young children.  Together, they love spending time outdoors and appreciate the simple things in life like watching movies and cooking dinner as a family.

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