Alyssa D.

Practice Administrator

A passion for leadership and a genuine love of helping people realize their full potential has steered the course of Alyssa’s life and career. Edina Plastic Surgery is grateful that her unique path led her to join our team in 2019 as our Practice Manager! Although our patients may not get to interact with Alyssa in person, she plays a pivotal role in reinforcing the culture and mission of our practice every single day. Edina Plastic Surgery exists to transform the lives of our patients by elevating their level of confidence.

Alyssa has been involved in the beauty, health, and wellness industry for over two decades. She has always cherished playing a role in helping to bring out the best in people. This drive propelled her into an educational pathway that includes not only a degree in Business Management, but also to pursue the Masters in Transformational Leadership program at Bethel Seminary. In addition, Alyssa has advanced training as a Certified Coach with Creative Results Management in Bellevue, Washington.

The experience she gained while taking an eight-year sabbatical from the beauty industry to serve as a Pastor at Eagle Brook Church had a tremendous impact on Alyssa’s philosophy and approach to leadership. During this time, she learned how to really listen to people and hear and understand what sometimes lays behind the words we speak. Alyssa also learned how to identify the unique strengths and gifts in others, and how to cultivate those traits to benefit an entire team and make it flourish!

Alyssa believes that a practice’s strength and foundation lies in its people. From the skill and compassion of our surgeons to the warmth and sincerity of our staff – she has never worked with a team who are more engaged and take such high ownership in their roles as her Edina Plastic Surgery work family. Our team truly loves what they do.  They are driven by the collective knowledge that together, they are making a difference in the lives of our patients every day.

Outside of Edina Plastic Surgery, Alyssa leads a life full of family, love, and purpose. She is blessed with four wonderful children, an incredible husband, and a cherished Golden Retriever named Hank. Like many of our patients, Alyssa’s weekends are spent cheering on her son in a hockey arena, feeling proud of her daughter at a dance competition, or being amazed at how her small, gentle child handles a massive horse at the riding stable! She cherishes every moment and feels incredibly grateful for the gifts, people, and opportunities that have enriched her life.

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