What to Expect

  • Anesthesia: General
  • Length of surgery: 2 hours
  • Outpatient/inpatient: Outpatient
  • Adjunct procedures: Eyelid Lift, Brow Lift, Facelift
  • Recovery: 1 week


The nose holds a prominent position on the face and has tremendous emotional significance to each individual. A nose that is considered too large, too small or too crooked, or that deviates in some way from a normal range, can make a person feel self-conscious, insecure and anxious in social situations. For these reasons, nose surgery is one of the most common cosmetic procedures done in the nation and here at Edina Plastic Surgery.

Rhinoplasty (commonly referred to as a “nose job”) is designed to address the specific challenges that people face regarding the structure of their nose. Whether it’s a protruding bump on the bridge or a prominent projection of the nasal tip, rhinoplasty performed by a skilled surgeon can provide a patient with bolstered confidence and a balanced facial aesthetic.

If you would like to know more about rhinoplasty in Edina, Minnesota, your best option is to schedule a consultation with our board-certified surgeons. Drs. Leigh, Philbin, and Wilke have accumulated a wealth of experience in facial plastic surgery and offer the highest tier of surgical care.

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Personalizing Your Rhinoplasty

While the nose might seem like a very small area to work on, rhinoplasty is a highly customizable procedure with numerous variations that can be tailored to your specific anatomy and goals. One of the decisions that you and your physician will have to make is whether you are performing your nose job with an open or closed approach.

An open approach affords your surgeon the most access to your nasal structure, which means they can provide more thorough and dramatic results in most cases. The trade-off is that the incision for this method is made externally across the bit of tissue that separates the nostrils (columella). The resulting scar may be visible at first, but fades significantly by a year or so after surgery.

A closed approach uses incisions that are made inside the nostrils. While this removes any chance of visible scarring, it limits the access your surgeon has to the inner architecture of your nose. You and your surgeon will discuss if your desired improvements can be achieved effectively through a closed approach during your consultation.

Rhinoplasty procedures typically focus on one or more of the following three regions of the nose:


Nasal Bridge

The bridge is the center cartilage that runs down from between the eyebrows to the tip of the nose. Reducing a protruding bridge or augmenting a receding bridge are among the most common reasons for patients to consider rhinoplasty.


The nostrils are also a common area of concern for rhinoplasty patients. Overly large or narrow nostrils can make a person feel as though the rest of their face is out of balance, even in an otherwise harmonious facial structure.

Nasal Tip

Many people experience a stark incline or decline in their nasal tip, which can make them feel self-conscious about taking photos at certain angles. The nasal tip can also look swollen, bulbous or boxy.

Deciding If a Rhinoplasty Is Right for You

Rhinoplasty is an excellent way to sculpt a nose that looks natural, functions properly and enhances facial harmony. While the risk of serious complications is low, rhinoplasty is a major surgical procedure. Nose surgery involves several tissue types – bone, cartilage and skin – as well as a complex structure and the important function of breathing. As such, rhinoplasty requires special surgical expertise and should only be performed by an experienced plastic surgeon who has spent years perfecting their technique.

At Edina Plastic Surgery, our surgeons go the extra mile in rhinoplasty consultations to develop a thorough understanding of your concerns and desires. The surgery only proceeds if you are a suitable candidate and you and your surgeon are on the same page about the goals of the procedure.

As with any surgery, a combination of factors affects your candidacy for a rhinoplasty procedure. A good candidate is free from tobacco use, high blood pressure, obesity or other preexisting health conditions that would make surgery too high of a risk. They are also in good mental health, have realistic expectations for their rhinoplasty results and are able to take off an appropriate amount of time for recovery after the procedure.

If you are interested in rhinoplasty surgery in Edina but are not sure if it is an option because of a preexisting condition, the best way to get a reliable answer is to book an exploratory appointment with one of our surgeons who can make a determination.

Preparing for Your Rhinoplasty

The first step in your rhinoplasty is a thorough consultation with one of our highly qualified and experienced surgeons, who will review your medical history and have a comprehensive, in-depth conversation with you about your aesthetic goals and preferences. They will also examine your nasal structure and suggest a fully customized surgical plan based on all the information that is gathered.

At this time, your physician may suggest adjunct procedures such as a facelift, brow lift or eyelid lift if they believe that it would further your aesthetic goals or help bring a balanced appearance to your face.

These procedures are optional, but if they are something you think you may be interested in, it can be beneficial to combine surgeries because it can lower costs and reduce your overall recovery time in the long run.

Prior to the surgery, you will be given strict instructions on how to prepare. It is vital that you follow these steps to ensure that you have the smoothest surgery and recovery possible. Some of the common guidelines include refraining from taking certain medications or vitamins and avoiding smoking. You will also need to make arrangements for someone to drive you home from the surgery and care for you during the day and night following your surgery.

The Rhinoplasty Procedure

Nose surgery is most commonly conducted with general anesthesia for patient safety and airway protection. Some minor procedures can safely be done with local anesthesia or a combination of local anesthesia and sedation. Our surgeons perform most rhinoplasty surgeries in our on-site, fully accredited and licensed surgery facility.

After the anesthesia is administered, the incision is made along the columella or inside the nostrils. The incision choice depends on the complexity of the procedure planned. The surgeon is then able to access the structure of your nose and make the necessary adjustments.

Depending on your specific condition, you may need to have cartilage removed, an implant added or tissue excised. The cartilage of the nose can also be straightened or repositioned at this time. Breaking and resetting the nasal bones may be involved in a rhinoplasty. The incision is then closed and sutured, and the recovery process begins.

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Rhinoplasty Recovery and Results

Immediately after your rhinoplasty surgery, you may experience pain, stuffiness and other forms of discomfort. A splint may be placed inside your nose to keep your new nasal structure in place while it heals. It is normal to experience a fairly significant amount of swelling and bruising throughout your face after a rhinoplasty.

Swelling will start to subside in a couple of weeks. Most patients report feeling tolerable discomfort during this time, but your surgeon can provide you with over-the-counter or prescription medication to help relieve these symptoms. The final shape of your nose will be apparent when all postoperative swelling is gone, which can take a year or more after rhinoplasty. Because of the complexity of nose surgery and healing variability, it is not uncommon to need minor revision work to fine-tune your results.

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