Taylor R.

Certified Surgical Technologist

Taylor has always been fascinated by surgery, even as a child. She has also always felt a true calling for caring for and helping others. These passions drove Taylor to pursue a career in the field of surgical technology. Now, as a Certified Surgical Technologist with Edina Plastic Surgery, she gets to enjoy BOTH every day!

After earning her Association of Applied Health Science in Surgical Technology from Rasmussen University, Taylor began specializing in Cardiovascular Surgery. She found heart transplants incredibly moving and rewarding surgeries to assist in. Taylor believes her start in Cardiology instilled a great reverence for the person behind each surgery for her. Now, regardless of what kind of surgery she is assisting in, she never forgets that the person laying on the operating table has a full, rich life outside of the OR and a family that cherishes them. Taylor continuously feels honored to be a part of a patient’s surgical journey – whether it is to improve their overall health or appearance.

Taylor values working at Edina Plastic Surgery because the clinic’s mission lies in synergy with her own when it comes to patient care – nothing less than excellence. She loves how the OR runs like a well-oiled machine because everyone is so skilled, professional, and responsible for everything they do. Everyone sees the value in teamwork and establishing a solid family-like dynamic in the workplace, which only heightens the patient experience. Taylor thinks it is so special that she and the Edina Plastic Surgery team get to play a role in helping someone look and feel their best because regaining self-confidence can change a person’s life.

When Taylor isn’t assisting our surgeons and taking care of patients in the OR, you can find her in the great outdoors! She enjoys camping, hiking, and simply taking in the beauty of nature. Taylor also loves traveling and creating new memories with family and friends.

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