Stacy F.

Director of OR Operations

Stacy has been with Edina Plastic Surgery for over two decades. In turn, she plays a vital role on our surgical team as our Lead Certified Surgical Technologist. Throughout her years with our practice, Stacy has been consistently impressed and excited by the positive changes and growth she has seen. She is the first to acknowledge that Edina Plastic Surgery has exceptionally high standards and expectations when it comes to our level of patient care.  Stacy is proud to be on a team with these priorities and to be a part of improving our patient’s lives through the surgeries and treatments we offer.

In her position as Lead Surgical Technologist, Stacy manages the team that ensures that every detail of your surgery in our operating suite meets the highest safety standards. This includes prepping the OR, making sure that a sterile surgical field is maintained before and during your procedure, and assisting our surgeons during surgery. Stacy never takes for granted the immense responsibility that comes with the duties she and her team provide each day and how those responsibilities directly impact the success of your surgery.

With years of experience in her field to highlight the importance, Stacy truly values the level of knowledge and expertise our surgeons and her co-workers exhibit. She believes that unquestionable standards of safety and excellence must be observed in all fields of medicine, but are especially crucial to plastic surgery. She wants each patient who has had surgery with us to feel thrilled with their results and that they chose to pursue them with our team.

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