Patients find that doing multiple procedures at once minimizes their down time and saves costs

Published: May 29, 2014
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Why do patients prefer doing multiple plastic surgery procedures at one time?

AnswerWith the advent of much-improved anesthesia techniques that allow a safer anesthetic with fewer after-effects, combined with the popularity of such shows as “Extreme Makeover”, requests for multiple procedures at one setting are increasing rapidly. Many patients are delighted with the result of these combined procedures and are glad to have everything done at once. Click here for before and after photos of multiple procedures

Edina Plastic Surgery’s Dr. Michael Philbin was recently featured in Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine in an article where he shared his expertise about multiple procedures:

“If you do opt for surgical solutions, you may be able to improve multiple areas in one fell swoop, thanks to advances in medicine,” says Dr. Michael Philbin, a plastic surgeon at Edina Plastic Surgery. “A popular combination is a ‘mommy makeover’; which pairs a tummy tuck with a breast lift or augmentation.”

“Improvements in anesthesia and pain medication have made it possible for patients to recover more easily from a dual surgery. One medication improvement comes from a local slow-release anesthetic that lasts for about three days to help with pain control after the two-at-once procedures.”

“This way, there are not as many duplications of cost. You don’t have to take off time from work twice or have time away from the kids twice while you’re recovering,” Philbin says. “If you can get everything done in one shot, safely, it’s really the way to go.”

What do patients need to do to prepare for multiple procedures?

The patient considering multiple procedures must be healthy and have good home support, as the recovery will be somewhat more difficult than if procedures were done separately. Our surgeons recommend preplanning for these patients, and suggest that they complete a week’s worth of chores such as grocery shopping and laundry before undergoing these combined procedures. It is difficult to take care of infant children without reliable help for 7 to 14 days after this type of combined surgery depending on what is done.


“Dr. Philbin was fantastic during my tummy tuck surgery and body contouring! The results were amazing and there was great follow up. I have recommended him to anyone that ever brings up cosmetic surgery, and a few have gone and seen similar, fantastic results with him. Thanks again!”

“My daughter had breast implants with Dr. Leigh. We were both incredibly pleased with the attention she received and what an incredible job Dr. Leigh did. I was so impressed, that I had a tummy tuck, lipo and breast augmentation/lift done. I am very excited about my results and would recommend him highly!”

“I received my before and after photos from you today and I had to send you this note and say THANK YOU!! Wow, what a difference, what a beautiful difference. I am more than pleased with my results. I want to thank you for taking this journey with me. Since the surgery, every time I look in the mirror I smile, as I am truly overjoyed with what I see. You are a fabulous doctor! I could not have picked anyone better. I have been telling everyone I know to go and see Dr. Wilke.”

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