Breast Reduction VS Breast Lift Which One is Right for Me?

Published: February 19, 2024
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How a woman feels about the appearance of her breasts can have a significant impact on her confidence and self-image. Although genetics play a prominent role in both the shape and size of a woman’s breasts, several factors can dramatically change their appearance throughout her life, such as pregnancy, fluctuations in weight, aging, and even illness. Although breast augmentation surgery with implants is incredibly popular worldwide, there are also hundreds of thousands of women who turn to plastic surgery each year to reduce the size of their breasts and to lift and tighten the skin of sagging breasts. But how does a woman know if she is a better candidate for breast reduction surgery or a breast lift?

“Navigating the world of breast enhancement surgery can be pretty overwhelming for patients,” says Dr. Robert Wilke, a board-certified plastic surgeon and partner at Edina Plastic Surgery. “I find that during my consultations, women generally have a clear idea of how they want their breasts to look after surgery but are unsure of whether it is a breast reduction, breast lift, or both procedures that will help them achieve their goal. Although both surgeries aim to enhance the appearance of the breasts, they are, in fact, quite different. But don’t worry! That’s what a consultation is for. We’ll define your areas of concern together and map out a surgical pathway that will align with your desired aesthetic and deliver the best outcome.”

What is a Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction surgery, or “reduction mammoplasty,” focuses on alleviating the physical discomfort that excessively large breasts can cause in women and improving the overall appearance of the breasts.

“Women with breasts that are disproportionately large in relation to the frame of their body can experience chronic pain in the neck, shoulders, and back,” explains Dr. Wilke. “They can also suffer skin irritation issues due to bra straps digging into their skin and ill-fitting clothing. There is also an emotional and mental toll that excessively large breasts can have on a woman’s self-esteem. Many women I work with attempt to hide their breasts in large clothing or assume a stooped-over posture to try and deter attention away from their breasts. The dramatic effect this can have on a woman’s confidence should never be underestimated.”

Breast reduction surgery removes excess breast tissue, skin, and fat to achieve a breast size that is in better proportion to the frame of a woman’s body. The goal of this procedure is not only to reduce the breasts’ size and their physical burden on the body but also to attain better balance with the body and a more desirable aesthetic.

“Breast reduction surgery is unique in that it not only improves a woman’s quality of life by relieving the physical discomfort of overly large breasts but also by giving her a major boost in self-confidence,” says Dr. Wilke.

What is Breast Lift Surgery?

Breast lift surgery, or mastopexy, focuses on improving the appearance of sagging breasts to make them appear more youthful. As a woman ages, the cumulative effects of gravity, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and hormonal fluctuations may cause her breasts to lose their firmness and begin to droop downward. This condition is called ptosis and is a common concern for many women, especially after pregnancy and breastfeeding.

“During a breast lift procedure, your surgeon removes excess, sagging skin and tightens the remaining breast tissue to position the breast higher on the chest,” explains Dr. Wilke. “The nipple and areola are frequently repositioned as well to create a more natural appearance and enhance the perkiness and youthfulness of the breasts.”

Will Some Patients Benefit from BOTH Breast Reduction and Breast Lift?

Breast reduction and breast lift surgery are frequently combined to achieve optimal patient results. In fact, breast reduction surgery, by nature, includes a breast lift to an extent because excess tissue is excised, and what remains is repositioned and reshaped.

“Not every woman seeking breast lift surgery will benefit from a breast reduction,” advises Dr. Wilke. “In fact, for many, a breast lift alone is more than sufficient to restore a more lifted, youthful appearance to the breasts. But, if a woman has sagging breasts that are also excessively large, she will most likely require a breast reduction as well to achieve a smaller, more proportionate breast size that is positioned higher on the chest.”

“Like any plastic surgery, the decision to have a breast lift and/or breast reduction is highly individual and personal,” states Dr. Wilke. “Which procedure will suit you best is based on your specific needs and your desired aesthetic. Every patient is unique, and their experience with surgery will be as well. That’s why partnering with a board-certified plastic surgeon who will listen to your concerns and goals and recommend a surgical plan that directly addresses them is essential. Personally, I find both of these breast procedures incredibly gratifying to perform for women because of how greatly they can enhance her comfort, quality of life, and her self-confidence!’

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