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Published: June 29, 2020
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Bare your arms proudly with Brachioplasty “Arm Lift” Surgery

Are you fit and healthy, but the skin on your upper arms seems to sag with a deflated, flappy appearance? Have you lost a substantial amount of weight through diet and exercise or bariatric surgery and are now left with large amounts of heavy, loose skin hanging off your arms? Regardless of what caused the excess skin, its appearance can make us want to hide our arms from the world, especially during the hot summer months. Brachioplasty, or Arm Lift Surgery, can help remove this extra skin, reshape your arms, and restore the confidence to wear a tank top again!

What is an Arm Lift?

“Brachioplasty surgery treats sagging skin under the upper arm by removing excess tissue and tightening and smoothing the remaining skin. This reshapes a more youthful, contoured and defined looking arm that is proportionate to the body,” explains Dr. Robert Wilke, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with Edina Plastic Surgery. “Our upper arm skin can sag due to simple aging and genetics, but as surgeons, we most often perform Arm Lift Surgery on patients who have undergone a substantial weight loss. While exercise can build the underlying muscle and supply some definition, if the overlying skin has lost its elasticity, the arms will never look tight and smooth without surgical intervention.”

There are several ways of performing Arm Lift Surgery. These are dependent upon the amount of excess skin present and where it is. The most common Brachioplasties involve incisions made to the inside or backs of your upper arms. Other techniques include an incision made in your armpit that extends all the way to your elbow. The goal is to safely remove as much excess skin as possible, recontour the arm, and to keep scarring discreet and at a minimum.

“There are scars involved with Arm Lift Surgery, but most patients find the end result well worth the trade-off,” says Dr. Wilke. “To comfortably wear a tank top again and simply find clothes that fit in the arms the right way is a huge reward to the patients I work with.”

Liposuction and Arm Lift Surgery

“Sometimes, I consult with patients concerned about the appearance of their arms who assume that liposuction is all they need,” says Dr. Wilke. “While liposuction is effective at removing excess deposits of fat from the upper arm, it does nothing to tighten the sagging skin in that area,” he explains. “In fact, liposuction without a subsequent Arm Lift can make the upper arms appear even more droopy and deflated. In cases where there are thickness and fat to the upper arm and sagging, we may opt to do both liposuction and Arm Lift Surgery during one operation. If the skin is thin, crepey, and deflated, an Arm Lift may be all that is needed.

Will I have scars from Arm Lift Surgery?

“Yes. You will have scars following your Arm Lift Surgery,” says Dr. Wilke. “With proper post-care, scars will be less noticeable over time, but there is no way to surgically remove excess skin in this area without creating incisions that lead to scars.”

Scarring is a significant consideration for many people contemplating having Brachioplasty surgery. While a short-scar Arm Lift Surgery exists, this is limited only to patients whose loose skin is to the posterior of the arm close to the armpit. In this case, a scar can be easily concealed.

A traditional Brachioplasty surgery scar extends from the armpit to the elbow either on the inside of the arm, or towards the very back. This incision can make the scar somewhat more challenging to hide. Regardless, scars that heal well significantly fade over time, especially when they are protected from sun exposure after surgery.

What results can I expect with Arm Lift Surgery?

Although visible improvements are seen immediately after Brachioplasty surgery, swelling and bruising must be allowed to subside before assessing your final results. During recovery, you will wear compression garments, and some movements may be restricted due to your healing sutures. The stronger and healthier you go into surgery, the better your results!

“It’s natural for our skin to lose firmness as we age, but the results you get from Arm Lift Surgery are relatively permanent if you maintain a healthy lifestyle,” shares Dr. Wilke. “This is such a satisfying surgery to perform because patients are ecstatic with their results and often comment on how they had to go out and buy an entirely new Summer wardrobe that showed off their arms again!”

Are you bothered by excess skin on your upper arms? Have you experienced a dramatic weight loss and are now frustrated with the sagging, disproportionate skin on your arms? Arm Lift Surgery may be an option for you! Schedule a complimentary consultation with an Edina Plastic Surgery Surgeon by calling (612) 688-3177.

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