Top Plastic Surgery Trends for 2024

Published: December 28, 2023
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Over the past decade, advancements in plastic surgery have paved the way for procedures to become safer and more effective than ever. As a result, the industry has seen a steady rise in new trends over the last few years, including common surgeries marketed with fresh, catchy names. Although titles like the “ponytail facelift” and “cat eye lift” may seem appealing, it’s important to remember that even though cosmetic in nature, plastic surgery is still just that…surgery, and should be taken seriously and only performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon.

“Like any industry, plastic surgery does have trends that cycle through the years and rise because of cultural shifts in aesthetic preferences,” explains Dr. Nathan Leigh, a board-certified plastic surgeon with Edina Plastic Surgery. “I’ve seen my fair share throughout my career, which, at this point, has spanned over 35 years. Some trends are merely marketing ploys that attempt to reinvent an already existing procedure to garnish new popularity, while others are, frankly, dangerous trends that can lead to functional changes in how a part of the body works, as in chronic tearing with the cat eye lift. The trends I find most interesting are those that reflect what is happening in our culture and how they impact aesthetic standards, perceptions, and preferences. But, at the end of the day, a customized approach to any plastic surgery in the hands of a skilled and experienced surgeon will trump any trend. The best results always have origins in customization and working with a surgeon who tailors their approach to what will be best for the individual. That being said, I am noting trends that I am excited about as we head into 2024 because they support this philosophy and are healthy and beneficial to our patients at Edina Plastic Surgery.”

Trend #1 – A Fully Focused & Balanced Facelift 

Facelift surgery repositions the underlying soft tissue layers of the face to a more youthful anatomic position and tightens the skin. Still, it does not address skin’s texture and quality, facial volume loss, or the balance between facial features, like the nose and chin. Facial fat transfer, has become more commonplace to have performed in tandem with facelift surgery to address volume loss due to aging. During surgery, fat is harvested from another area of the body, like the abdomen, and transferred into areas of concern in the face. This additional step can restore fresh, youthful volume to cheeks, soften deep lines between the nose and corners of the mouth, and even smooth undereye hollows.

Chin implants are also seeing a resurgence in requests due to the popularity of “facial balancing,” a technique that aspires to create optimal balance between facial features like the nose and chin to generate a more attractive and harmonious profile. A chin implant can be placed during facelift surgery.

“At Edina Plastic Surgery, we have seen a sharp uptick in facelift patients who also want to know what can be done to improve their skin beyond the lifting and tightening that results from surgery,” says Dr. Leigh. “We’re unique in that we already offer a procedure called the Full Focus Facelift, which not only preps a patient’s skin with physician-grade skincare before their procedure but also includes laser treatments at our medical spa, Skin Artisans, to improve skin’s texture, clarity, and radiance. These additions can dramatically enhance a facelift patient’s overall result as skin quality is improved alongside the tightening and lifting of surgery.”

Trend #2 – Plastic Surgery with “Skin-siderations”

Plastic surgery excels at removing, tightening, lifting, and contouring, but it does little to improve skin health and overall quality. More patients today are preparing their skin for months before their surgery and diligently caring for it afterward with both products and treatments to improve skin’s tone, texture, firmness, and resiliency.

“At Edina Plastic Surgery, we have the benefit of having our medical spa, Skin Artisans, on-site,” says Dr. Leigh. “Our patients frequently partner with our Advanced Practice Estheticians to design product and treatment strategies that will complement their surgery. This may involve simple steps like using Skin Medica’s Firm & Tone Body Lotion for three months before a tummy tuck or liposuction surgery to improve skin’s resiliency and tone, to getting set up on a comprehensive scar revision protocol to make surgery scars as indictable as possible after your recovery. Our patients love this 360-degree approach to improving their skin’s health and appearance, and we’ve seen the dramatic ways it can enhance their surgical results!”

Trend #3 – Eyelid & Brow Lift to Combat “Tox Fatigue”

Products like BOTOX® Cosmetic and Dysport® are wonderful tools for preventing and softening the signs of aging in the eyes and upper face, but they can’t stop the aging process itself. At some point, a patient will not be able to achieve the same smooth and lifted forehead or refreshed eyes they once could with neurotoxins without surgical intervention.

“Many men and women who have been maintaining a more youthful-looking upper face with BOTOX® and Dysport® over the past two decades are just beginning to notice that they can’t achieve the same results with neurotoxins now that they’re in their 50s or 60s,” explains Dr. Leigh. “Some patients even experience ‘Tox Fatigue’ and feel as though neurotoxins are no longer as effective for them. As a result, plastic surgeons are seeing a rise in procedures like blepharoplasty and forehead lift. A bleph rejuvenates the eye area by removing excess, drooping skin and fat deposit to create a smooth, lifted, and refreshed eye area. A brow lift can elevate a heavy brow and smooth the horizontal wrinkles across the forehead that BOTOX® and Dysport® were once able to soften. As more and more Generation X and Yers who have been treated with neurotoxins since their twenties grow older, I anticipate to see this trend towards eyelid and brow lift continue.”

Trend #4 – The “Lighter” Lift

If you were born in the ’80s or ’90s, you had the benefit of learning how impactful preventative skincare could be since youth. Many of those from Generation X, Y, and Z have been instructed on the importance of SPF and good skincare since childhood and have been preventing the visible signs of aging with chemical peels, lasers, BOTOX®, and fillers ever since. It’s no wonder many patients only just approaching their 40s and 50s are considering facelift surgery, albeit a “lighter” version.

“A classic or traditional facelift typically involves removing excess skin and intense tightening of the underlying tissues,” says Dr. Leigh. “But a patient in their 40s may not need that extensive of a procedure to address the subtle sagging in the lower face that they are just beginning to notice. The plastic surgery industry as a whole is beginning to see a rise in younger, forward-thinking facelift patients who want to turn back the clock without undergoing a full-scale lift. That’s why we’re seeing more and more mini facelifts performed at our practice. It’s a less invasive procedure with shorter surgical scars and a shorter recovery.”

Trend #5 – The Rise of Breast Lift & Ultra Natural Breast Augmentation

Perhaps no other plastic surgery experiences as many evolutions in trends as breast augmentation. Preferences for breast size and shape are profoundly personal and vary significantly from coast to coast and country to country. The last five years have seen a dramatic shift in women who now prioritize achieving a more natural-looking, subtle breast augmentation with smaller implants to complement their body’s proportions. The natural trend has escalated so much so that an increasing number of women are opting for no breast implant at all and resorting to breast lift surgery to achieve their ideal aesthetic.

“The realm of breast enhancement within plastic surgery has experienced the most changes in regards to preferred aesthetic over the past decade,” says Dr. Leigh. “Twenty years ago, it was most common to hear a woman say that she desired larger, fuller breasts as an outcome of her surgery. Now, rather than seeking a significant increase in volume, many of my patients are more inclined to want a touch more fullness that complements their body’s proportions and does not hinder their active lifestyle. For some, this is achieved with smaller implants with a lower profile. However, an increasing number of women are forgoing breast implants altogether and instead looking to breast lift surgery to achieve their goal of higher, more youthful-looking breasts. As a surgeon, it is gratifying to have the skill and tools to address what each woman wants aesthetically and what she deems best for her lifestyle. Because at the end of the day, that’s what plastic surgery is all about: enhancing your life by making you feel confident and empowered by your appearance!”

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