Natural Looking Breast Augmentations

Published: March 1, 2018

Many women considering breast augmentations are very concerned about how their breasts will look after the surgery, and rightfully so. Most are concerned that their breasts will look “artificial”, and many worry that the size implant they choose may be too big or too small for their body and frame.

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These steps are key to ensure a natural looking result:


Finding a board-certified plastic surgeon like the surgeons at Edina Plastic Surgery, will help ensure that you are happy with your breast augmentation. Our skilled and experienced surgeons will provide you with the insights and appropriate options for your body type so you achieve the most natural aesthetic possible with implants. Dr. Nathan Leigh, Dr. Robert Wilke or Dr. Michael Philbin will discuss a multitude of factors with you, including the implant shape, size, type and texture, as well as placement options tailored to your individual body.


Edina Plastic Surgery is the only clinic in the Twin Cities with imaging equipment that shows virtual before and after options to breast augmentation patients. Our Vectra XT camera captures comprehensive 3D images of your breasts, and these 360 degree images create incredible visuals of how different sizes and shapes of breast implants will look on your own body. This technology allows you to virtually “test drive” the implants before your procedure so you know what to expect before you make your final implant decision. Patients have told our surgeons that this ability to visualize their own bodies post-procedure has been an incredible help to them in deciding to go ahead with their breast implant surgeries.

The factors that most affect how natural the breasts will look after augmentation are the underlying anatomy of the patient and the size of implant chosen.

The surgeons at Edina Plastic Surgery will take the time to discuss the options with you, comparing your own body dimensions with the dimensions of the implant. The “profile” of the implant will be chosen based on those dimensions and you will have an opportunity to look at various size options. If you want the most natural result, it is important to stay within a reasonable size range. An implant that is very large relative to your frame will not look as natural.

The surgeons and staff at EPS are committed to achieving the best results possible for each patient. We encourage you to come in for a consultation and discuss your goals with us.

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“During my consultation at Edina Plastic Surgery I felt very comfortable and was impressed that they could use the Vectra XT camera to generate a 3D picture of myself in my current state and one of what I would look like with different sized breasts. That sold me on having my surgery at EPS. They made the whole experience enjoyable and I am very, very happy with my results!”

“I had wanted to get a breast augmentation for a long time and when I left my first appointment at Edina Plastic Surgery I literally cried from happiness and excitement. The ability to see my own body on the computer was very important to me. Not only was I able to see what the implants would look like when placed under the muscle, I was able to see what it would look like on me vs. what it looks like on others. For patients looking for unsurpassed expertise and the highest level of technology, Edina Plastic Surgery is the only place to go. I am extremely happy with my results and would recommend them highly.”

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