What is the Best Age for Facelift Surgery?

Published: August 23, 2021
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According to the National Plastic Surgery Statistics Report, over 230,000 Americans refreshed their appearances with Facelift surgery in 2020. A successful Facelift surgery can turn back the clock on an aging face up to ten years, sometimes more. But, what is the ideal age to explore this rejuvenating surgery to ensure you get the best results? Although many of us assume the answer lies somewhere around when an AARP card arrives in the mail, the ideal time for a Facelift may be younger than you think.

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“As a general rule of thumb, a Facelift is not really for anyone under the age of 30,” advises Dr. Michael Philbin, a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon with Edina Plastic Surgery. “Someone in that age group can still maintain and even attain younger-looking skin through options like dermal fillers, Botox® Cosmetic, and laser resurfacing. But, when signs of aging become more prevalent, as in our 40s, 50s, and 60s, surgery may be necessary to lift, tighten, and smooth skin into a more youthful appearance. It really is unique to each patient and how their skin has aged due to genetics, environmental, and lifestyle factors.”

The Best Age for a Facelift – It Varies!

Although most of us begin to notice more fine lines in our 40s, deeper lines and sagging in our 50s, and a significant loss of lift and fullness in our face and neck area in our 60s, there is no specific age that is best for Facelift surgery. Look around; everyone ages quite differently. This is due to a host of factors such as genetics, how much unprotected sun exposure we’ve had in our lifetime, and how healthy our overall lifestyle is. When non-surgical approaches like Botox®, laser treatments, and dermal fillers are no longer giving you the youthful look you desire, or you want longer-lasting results, it may be time to pursue Facelift surgery.

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Your Facelift Surgery Can Be Customized

“A Facelift is not a one-size-fits-all surgery,” says Dr. Philbin. “Many people don’t realize how truly customized it is. Each patient’s face and how it has aged is unique. Your surgeon’s goal isn’t to have you emerge from surgery looking like a different person; we want you to look like YOU – only ten years younger! That means we pay keen attention to what makes your face special, gives it character, and then respect the natural structure and balance of your face.”

A Facelift for Every Age Group

Depending on your age, aesthetic goals, and the current condition of your skin, one approach to Facelift surgery may be better for you than another.

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Late 30s & 40s – A Mini Facelift

“A Mini Facelift is best for those in their late 30s to 40s who are just beginning to notice some sagging and loss of definition to the lower face,” shares Dr. Philbin. “This approach to surgery uses minimal incisions and has significantly less downtime than a traditional Facelift.”

Late 40s to 50s – Traditional Facelift

When most people think of Facelift surgery, they envision a traditional, or full Facelift. This surgery is best suited to those who have moderate to severe visible signs of aging throughout the midface and neck.

“A traditional Facelift works by removing excess sagging skin and resuspending and repositioning remaining skin and muscle into a more youthful placement on the face and neck,” explains Dr. Philbin. “A Full Facelift produces results that are significantly transformative and long-lasting.”

50s to 60s+ – Traditional Facelift with Extended Neck Correction

Aging doesn’t magically end at your jawline. Most of us will experience a sagging neckline to accompany our aging faces at some point in life. It is beneficial to combine a Full Facelift with extensive neck correction surgery for patients with substantial sagging under the chin, jawline, and throughout the neck.

“At Edina Plastic Surgery, we more often than not combine a Traditional Facelift with a Neck Lift,” says Dr. Philbin. “This ensures a more harmonious and complete result.”

Combining Your Facelift with Other Procedures

Many patients opt to have other procedures performed in tandem with Facelift surgery to enhance their overall results. The most common additions are blepharoplasty and brow lift surgery to address the eyes and upper face.

“Your Plastic Surgeon wants you to have the best and most complete result from your Facelift surgery,” says Dr. Philbin. “If we notice extensive sagging or drooping to your eyelids or a very heavy brow during your Facelift consultation, we will recommend addressing these areas during your Facelift. Having everything done in one operation is more effective than conducting several surgeries at different times. It tends to be less expensive, safer, and even requires less downtime overall. Plus – the end result is superior because all aspects of the face are rejuvenated at once!”

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