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Published: September 8, 2021
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According to the National Plastic Surgery Statistics Report, the number of Butt Lifts performed in the United States has increased by over 100% since 2000. Turn on any cable reality show or open the latest celebrity magazine, and it quickly becomes apparent that contemporary culture places a great deal of emphasis on the derriere! Our “rear assets” have become a symbol of our fitness, sexuality, femininity, and even masculinity. More so, a lifted and defined buttocks can significantly enhance a well-proportioned physique. Even if you aren’t genetically blessed with the perfect backside, Butt Lift surgery can help reshape your curves and your confidence!

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What does Butt Lift Surgery Accomplish?

“The goal of Butt Lift surgery is to accentuate a patient’s curves and contours by strategically excising excess skin and fat on the buttocks,” explains Dr. Christine Stewart, one of two board-certified plastic surgeons who perform Butt Lift surgery at Edina Plastic Surgery.

Who is a Good Candidate for Butt Lift Surgery?

“Patients who benefit from this surgery most are those who have a deflated or sagging backside due to genetics, pregnancy, or weight loss,” shares Dr. Stewart. “The buttocks can be very difficult to shape with diet and exercise. Excess skin and fat in this area can add unwanted bulk and frustrate your efforts to achieve a more sculpted body. You might be a good Butt Lift candidate if aging, pregnancy, or weight loss have left you with loose skin, excess fat, cellulite, and sagginess around your buttocks. Ideal candidates are non-smokers and have reached a stable, healthy weight as well.”

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Is a Butt Lift the Same Things as a Brazilian Butt Lift?

“Brazilian Butt Lifts have gotten a lot of positive AND negative press over the past few years,” says Dr. Stewart. “A Brazilian Butt Lift, or BBL, is NOT the same as Butt Lift Surgery. A BBL involves taking fat from another area of the body via Liposuction and transferring it into the subcutaneous layer of the buttock to accentuate shape and fullness. Sometimes a combination of a Butt Lift and a BBL is needed to both tighten the skin envelope and add volume to the buttocks There are a plethora of unqualified medical and even non-medical people performing this surgery, which makes it very unsafe and even fatal for patients.  It is vital that patients see a board certified plastic surgeon for either of these procedures.”

Can Butt Lift Surgery Be Customized?

Every body is different, and your buttocks are no exception. Butt Lift surgery can be tailored to a patient’s unique anatomy and preferred aesthetic. Your surgeon will choose between several techniques when designing your personal treatment plan.

“Plastic surgeons commonly use four different incision locations to customize your Butt Lift surgery,” says Dr. Stewart. “These include incisions made to the upper and/or lower buttock, between the buttocks, and a technique called auto-buttock augmentation. Liposuction may also be used with any Butt Lift technique for improved contouring. The right technique for you depends on where your excess skin and fat are located.”


This incision is made at the top of the buttock, typically inside the bikini or underwear line. An upper buttock incision provides effective lift and has the benefit of being hidden by most swimsuits and underwear.


This incision technique uses the natural fold where the buttock meets the thigh to hide any postoperative scarring. The lower buttock incision also affords good access to the gluteal region but, in some cases, may show scarring when a bathing suit is worn.


In this technique, the incision is placed between the buttock cheeks, hidden within the crease. This very inconspicuous placement makes it easy to cover scarring in virtually any clothing and swimwear.


“The auto-buttock augmentation is a custom-designed buttock lift that preserves deep soft tissue and tightens the skin over the preserved tissue to allow a rounding out of the buttock shape using your own tissues,” explains Dr. Stewart. “The incision most often follows the direction of the bikini bottom diagonally across the buttock and also lifts the lateral thigh. This strategy is ideal when a patient wants a more rounded appearance to their backside, can benefit from a subtle lift to the thighs, and when scar placement needs to be as discreet as possible.”

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