5 Reasons Why the Breast Augmentation of Today is Better Than Ever

Published: January 12, 2023
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There is a multitude of reasons why a woman may be interested in breast augmentation surgery. Some may seek to restore the “pre-baby volume” their breasts once had after breastfeeding their infant, while others desire a breast size and shape that is in better proportion with the rest of their body. Regardless of why a woman may want implants, the breast augmentation surgery she undergoes today is better than at any other time in the procedure’s history.

“Breast augmentation surgery has come a long way over the past few decades,” says Dr. Michael Philbin, a board-certified plastic surgeon and partner with Edina Plastic Surgery. “The woman contemplating this procedure has more options than ever before. These choices can be both empowering and overwhelming. Now, more than ever, it is crucial that she partner with an experienced, reputable, board-certified plastic surgeon to help navigate her options so she can make the safest, most effective, and best decision for her aesthetic goals and lifestyle.”

#1 – Patients are more informed and better educated about plastic surgery

The internet and social media, love them or hate them, the digital age and rapid access to information have created a savvier plastic surgery patient.

“My breast augmentation consultation today is very different than it was ten years ago,” states Dr. Philbin. “The patients I see today are much better informed about the procedure and have usually done quite a bit of online research. This is great when they have sourced their information from reputable websites, but it can also be very challenging when their source is a social media influencer or cosmetic surgeon that isn’t board-certified in plastic surgery. Regardless, the internet has empowered patients with information. It only takes seeing a few botched procedures online to drive home the message that a patient needs to seek out a board-certified plastic surgeon to perform breast augmentation safely. Also, patients can now leave online reviews, which leverage great power. Many unqualified and uncredentialled providers have been driven out of the medical space because of the immense power a patient’s review now has. When I ask patients in their consultation why they decided to schedule with Edina Plastic Surgery, many say because our surgeons have the best reviews and are all board-certified plastic surgeons.”

#2 – Patients have more breast implant options than ever before

Today’s breast augmentation patient doesn’t just have the option of saline or silicone implants – she can choose from a tapestry of different shapes, sizes, textures, and profiles of each!

“One size or shape does not fit all,” says Dr. Philbin. “Years ago, a woman may have felt a bit limited in her options regarding breast implants, but today’s choices are vast and can be customized to perfectly match a woman’s aesthetic goals and lifestyle. Saline and silicone are still the primary types of implants, but we now have different kinds of silicone cohesive gels that look and feel incredibly natural. A woman can even decide how far she wants the implant to project from her body. Combined, all of these new options can ensure that a breast augmentation patient gets results that naturally compliment her body and her aesthetic goals.”

#3 – New Imaging Technology lets patients see their results before surgery

Back in the day, a woman was lucky if she got to hold a breast implant in her hand to feel what it was like and to experience its weight. She may have even tried different-sized implants on with a special bra in a changing room. Now, she can get 3-D rendered images of what she may look like at different angles with different implants and even see these projections in real time!

“At Edina Plastic Surgery, we are very fortunate to be the only practice in the area to have two digital imaging devices that allow our patients to test-drive their breast augmentation results before surgery,” explains Dr. Philbin. “Just as the name states, our VECTRA XT 3-D imaging technology captures pictures of a patient and produces 3-D renderings of what her breasts may look like after surgery with different implants. In addition, our new Sientra® Visualization Mirror is a state-of-the-art device designed by Sientra® and Crisalix®, a leader in 3D simulation. It gives patients a real-time virtual preview of what their Sientra® breast implants may look like on their own bodies. While standing in front of the full-length digital mirror, patients can “try on” different breast implant types and sizes to see which options match their aesthetic goals and best compliment their shape.”

#4 – Techniques, alternatives, and enhancements have advanced

Not only do breast augmentation patients of today have a broader selection of breast implants to choose from, but they may also find themselves discussing different surgical techniques with their plastic surgeon.

“Surgical techniques have evolved for breast augmentation surgery,” says Dr. Philbin. “It is now common practice to discuss ideal incision sites and breast implant placement with my patients during a consult. Fat transfer, or grafting is also much more common than in years past. A woman’s own fat, supplied via liposuction, can be used to enhance her breast augmentation further. Fat transfer is also an option for women who want fuller breasts but choose not to have saline or silicone implants. In essence, much more versatility and customization are involved in today’s breast augmentation. This makes it easier to achieve the exact outcome our patients are looking for.”

#5 – Breast implants look more natural than ever

Aesthetic trends, ideals, and standards evolve with time. A few decades ago, breast augmentation surgery frequently led to results that were more obviously enhanced. Today’s augmented breasts could easily pass for natural breasts when a skilled plastic surgeon performs the surgery. Advancements in high-strength cohesive (HSC) silicone gel has made accomplishing this even easier. Not only is it the strongest silicone available on the market, but it is also remarkably soft and natural feeling.

“The majority of women I perform breast augmentations for prefer results that look 100% natural,” shares Dr. Philbin. “We’re still aiming to increase fullness, correct asymmetries, and enhance the shape of the breast, but women want their results to be subtle and in proportion to the rest of their bodies. As a plastic surgeon, I love all of these advancements because they allow me to bring a whole new level of customization to each breast augmentation surgery. This freedom inevitably leads to a more satisfied, happier patient who feels more confident in her appearance and her life!”

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