4 Plastic Surgeries That Help Create a New YOU for the New Year

The New Year is so much more than a simple page-turn of the calendar. It’s a time when millions of people embrace a fresh start and set goals to help them be their best selves in different facets of their lives, like family, career, health, and wellness. If your aspirations for 2023 include feeling more confident about your appearance, plastic surgery can help. These four procedures can help you reach your resolutions, regardless of whether you want to look younger, makeover your midsection, or reward yourself for reaching your weight loss goals in 2022!

“Plastic surgery clinics tend to see a bump in consultations scheduled around the New Year,” says Dr. Nathan Leigh, a board-certified plastic surgeon and partner at Edina Plastic Surgery. “For some patients, their journey is just beginning, and they want to learn more about the plastic surgery procedures that can help them reach their aesthetic goals,” he explains. “Others have spent the previous year working hard to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle, and they now want to reward themselves with a plastic surgery procedure that will take their results even further. As a surgeon, I love working with both groups of patients because they are committed to positively changing their lives and have a healthy perspective on what surgery can help them achieve. Plastic surgery can be a great kick start to launching your goals for a New Year, and it can also be a fantastic way to reward yourself for working hard throughout the past year.”

#1 – Body Lift Surgery

Losing a significant amount of weight is a huge accomplishment. Unfortunately, extreme fat loss can result in sagging skin throughout the body. Body lift surgery can dramatically reshape your body’s contours by removing this excess skin and stubborn fat pockets.

“As a plastic surgeon, I find body lift surgery immensely gratifying to perform because it so completely transforms a patient’s body and their confidence,” shares Dr. Leigh. “After dramatic weight loss from diet and exercise or gastric bypass surgery, many patients feel they have replaced one issue with another. Instead of battling excess fat, they are now battling excess skin. Body lift surgery allows them to reap the rewards of their hard work by seeing their body’s true shape and contour after weight loss.”

Each body lift surgery at Edina Plastic Surgery is completely customized to each patient’s unique needs. The removal of excess skin typically focuses on the abdomen, hips, buttocks, and upper thighs. In some cases, a body lift addresses the entire midsection with incisions that extend entirely around the lower abdomen and lower back. Typically, the goals of a body lift are to tighten the abdominal skin and muscle through an extension of the classic abdominoplasty and to incorporate a lateral thigh lift and butt lift for comprehensive rejuvenation of the lower body.

“I often combine liposuction with my body lift procedures for improved contouring,” explains Dr. Leigh. “While body lift surgery addresses loose skin and some excess fat, liposuction adds even more versatility to remove unwanted fat and sculpt smooth, attractive contours. The results can be twice as balanced and harmonious when these two symbiotic procedures are combined.”

#2 – Mommy Makeover Surgery

Having a baby transforms a woman’s life, as well as her body. Many women struggle with sagging, deflated breasts and excess skin across their abdomen after childbirth. A “Mommy Makeover” is a combination of plastic surgery procedures that focus on rejuvenating the areas of a woman’s body most affected by pregnancy and breastfeeding. Combining these procedures into a single surgery reduces costs and downtime while offering better overall aesthetic results.

“A Mommy Makeover is a customized combination of procedures performed in a single surgery,” says Dr. Leigh. “It most often includes two to three procedures: breast lift, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, or liposuction. But, it can also include other procedures like thigh lift, butt lift, labiaplasty, or arm lift, as long as they can safely be performed in a single surgery. A Mommy Makeover can help a woman reclaim her pre-baby body and confidence in her appearance.”

#3 – Liposuction Plus Tummy Tuck Surgery

The combination of tummy tuck surgery and liposuction go together like resolutions and the New Year! Each complements and enhances the other. While tummy tuck surgery focuses on removing excess skin and tightening the abdominal area, liposuction removes stubborn pockets of fat and recontours the body’s shape. The results on a midsection can be genuinely transformational when this combination surgery is performed.

“More often than not, a patient who wants to improve the appearance of their midsection significantly can benefit from BOTH tummy tuck surgery and liposuction,” explains Dr. Leigh. “These procedures work in tandem. Together, they allow your surgeon to smooth, tighten, and reshape your abdominal area on multiple planes.”

#4 – Facelift Plus Eyelid Surgery

Who doesn’t want to go into the New Year with a fresher, younger-looking face? Facelift surgery is designed to improve and correct the structural and visible signs of aging typical to the face, such as sagging skin and wrinkles. It repositions the underlying soft tissue layers to a more youthful anatomic position and tightens the skin. By including these deeper layers in the lift, a more natural outcome is achieved.

Facelift surgery can take years off a patient’s appearance, frequently a decade or more,” says Dr. Leigh. “But, it is important to understand that this particular surgery does not address the upper part of your face, including the eyes. The results of a facelift can be dramatically enhanced by adding eyelid surgery. This combination gives a more complete and harmonious rejuvenating effect to the overall face.”

Eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, is a corrective procedure that can address both the cosmetic and functional concerns related to the upper and lower eyelids. Blepharoplasty can restore a balanced, more alert, and youthful appearance to the eyes by removing excess fat and tightening the surrounding skin.

“The New Year affords so many opportunities for transformation and improvement – it really is an exciting time of the year,” says Dr. Leigh. “When it comes to enhancing or improving any aspect of your appearance, I encourage patients to map out their goals and design a plan to achieve them that includes a healthy lifestyle, diet, and exercise. Then schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon to share your goals and identify the best procedures to help you achieve them. Plastic surgeons also love this time of the year, and it often reinvigorates our passion for what we do and how we can help patients look and feel their absolute best!”

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