When Will I See Results After Liposuction Surgery?

Published: May 6, 2022
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Envisioning the results you will achieve with plastic surgery can be exciting! The anticipation of Liposuction surgery outcomes can make patients especially eager because your results can open up a whole new world of wardrobe options and body confidence. If you are considering Liposuction surgery, here is an overview of the recovery process, when you may see visible results, and what to expect during the weeks following your surgery.

“Patients get really excited about when they’ll start seeing their results after Liposuction surgery,” says Dr. Michael Philbin, a board-certified plastic surgeon and partner at Edina Plastic Surgery. “Guess what? Your plastic surgeon gets excited too,” he laughs. “But, it’s important for us all to be patient, respect the recovery process, and understand that it is a bit different for everyone. When we see celebrities, like Amy Schumer, getting Liposuction and then posting swimsuit pictures on Instagram a short time later, it can make a patient anxious for their results to set in sooner. But every BODY is different and the best result will stem from a recovery that makes a patient’s health and safety the top priority….NOT speed.”

Understanding the Steps of Liposuction Surgery

The process of Liposuction typically begins with the administration of anesthesia. After that, a small incision is made near whatever body areas are being treated. This could be one or multiple points of entry, but your plastic surgeon will do their best to ensure that as few cuts are made as possible and as hidden and discreet as possible. Then, a small cannula will be inserted into the incisions and moved around to dislodge fat in the surrounding area. The tube has a suction tip at the end of it, which will pull the fat out of the body. The incisions are then closed, and you will begin your recovery.

The Liposuction Recovery Process

“Once your Liposuction surgery has been completed, you will immediately be dressed in compression garments to reduce swelling,” explains Dr. Philbin. “It is normal to experience some bruising, redness, tenderness, soreness, itchiness, and discomfort. Most of our patients cope well with over-the-counter pain medications after Liposuction, but prescription medications are available to those who need them.”

Swelling After Liposuction Surgery

The body areas where your plastic surgeon removed fat will be swollen after Liposuction surgery. It can take several months for this swelling to subside completely, but it will reduce significantly with each passing week as your body recovers. Expect to wear compression garments during this time to reduce swelling further.

How Soon After Liposuction Surgery Will I See Results?

“Like any surgery, it takes time for visual results to set in after Liposuction,” says Dr. Philbin. “This rate will vary from patient to patient and can be influenced by genetics, skin quality, diet, water consumption, and whether you had other procedures performed during your surgery, like a Tummy Tuck. That being said, most patients begin to see the visible result of their Liposuction procedure about eight to twelve weeks after surgery with continued improvements up to six months.”

Liposuction Surgery Results Weekly Timeline

24 Hours After Liposuction Surgery

The first day after surgery, expect to feel sore. Pain medication may be utilized at this time to ease discomfort. It is imperative to follow your surgeon’s post-care instructions and rest as much as possible. Compression garments can be a little uncomfortable at this time. Avoid unnecessary movement and lean on family and friends to assist you at this time.

48 Hours After Liposuction Surgery

“The first 72 hours after Liposuction surgery can feel like a blur,” explains Dr. Philbin. “Your priority during these first three days is rest, hydration, and minimal activity. This is why during your initial consultation, your surgeon will stress having your support network and home prepared before surgery so you won’t have to deal with any additional stress during recovery.”

The First Week After Liposuction Surgery

Congratulations! Once you’re a week out from Liposuction surgery, you’re over the most challenging part of recovery. Much of the discomfort of days 1-3 should have subsided, and you can decrease prescription pain medications and increase your physical activity by walking around your home or briefly outdoors.

The First Month After Liposuction Surgery

“Most patients have minimal discomfort 4-5 weeks after Liposuction surgery,” says Dr. Philbin. “There will still be some residual swelling, but you should be able to start seeing some of your procedure’s initial results. Bruising may still be present around incision sites, but it should be quite faded. 2-4 weeks post-surgery is also when many people fully return to work and start light exercise again under the supervision of their surgeon.”

3 Months After Liposuction Surgery

Ready to see your Liposuction results? Most people have a clear view of their outcome between six to twelve weeks after surgery. There may still be slight swelling, but it should not be significant enough for you not to appreciate the positive changes in your body.

“Three months after Liposuction is generally when patients begin to notice that the treated areas of their body appear tighter and smoother,” explains Dr. Philbin. “Your plastic surgeon will advise you on what level of exercise and strenuous movements are now ok at this time. Scars from your incisions will have faded and should be barely noticeable and easy to hide. In essence, it will feel like things are getting back to normal, but with some wonderful improvements to your body!”

How Do I Maintain My Liposuction Results?

Plastic surgery is an investment. There are several ways you can maintain and even enhance your results during the months and years that follow your Liposuction surgery.

“The better you take care of yourself and your body after Liposuction, the longer you can enjoy your results,” advises Dr. Philbin. “While Liposuction removes fat deposits from specific areas of your body, it cannot prevent future fat gain in this same area. If you want to enjoy your slimmer, more contoured physique for years to come, you must embrace a healthy lifestyle that includes a nutritious diet and solid exercise regimen. As plastic surgeons, it is not uncommon for us to see a patient completely transform their lives after Liposuction surgery because they feel so great about how their body looks and are committed to doing everything they can to honor it with healthy lifestyle decisions. It’s great to see how plastic surgery can improve a patient’s appearance, but it is wonderful to witness how it can positively transform their entire lives!”

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