What to Expect After Your Mommy Makeover Surgery

Published: May 18, 2020
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Motherhood is one of the most transformative experiences a woman can have during her life, in both mind and body. After conception, the female body spends almost 40 weeks evolving to support the creation and growth of the life inside of her. Although small in size, babies can take an enormous toll on a woman’s body. From weakened abdominal muscles to loose skin and deflated breasts, a woman who has given birth can expect several changes to her body that she may find undesirable. A surgical “Mommy Makeover” focuses on restoring a mother’s body confidence after childbirth and helping regain her pre-pregnancy appearance.

What is Mommy Makeover Surgery?

“A Mommy Makeover is a general name for a customized set of surgeries that target a woman’s abdomen, breasts, and any other areas of concern after childbirth,” explains Dr. Michael Philbin, a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon at Edina Plastic Surgery. “During your consultation, we will discuss your key areas of concern and map out a surgical plan to address each one during a single operation,” he continues. “This approach allows us to achieve more harmonious results because the balance of a woman’s entire body is taken into consideration – not just one area.”

What other surgeries are commonly performed during a Mommy Makeover?

  • Abdominoplasty, or “Tummy Tuck” surgery to tighten weakened abdominal muscles and remove excess abdominal skin.
  • Liposuction to remove fat and reshape the midsection and other areas of concern like the lower back, flanks, and upper thighs.
  • Breast Lift Surgery to reclaim a more youthful, higher breast positioning and address loose, sagging skin.
  • Breast Augmentation to restore volume to deflated breast and give breasts a fuller, more balanced appearance.

Tips to prepare for your Mommy Makeover Surgery

Maintain a healthy weight that you are happy with before surgery

Although a Mommy Makeover often includes Liposuction and can remove excess pockets of fat, it is not a weight loss procedure,” advises Dr. Philbin. “I recommend that women maintain a healthy weight before surgery and that they are comfortable with where their weight is at before scheduling their Mommy Makeover.”

Have your finances squared away before surgery to avoid stress

You should never “Groupon Your Body” when it comes to plastic surgery. If your top search criteria for this procedure is cost, then you should wait until you feel more financially secure to make this investment in your appearance. Multiple procedures are performed during one operation in a Mommy Makeover, and this can be cost-prohibitive to some patients at first. Some practices, like Edina Plastic Surgery, offer highly reputable financing programs, such as CareCredit, to spread out the cost of your surgery.

Ask yourself if you are done having children

“Going through the process of having a Mommy Makeover only to have another child two or three years down the road can damage your results,” says Dr. Philbin. “If women aren’t 100% sure that they do not want to have more children, I generally advise them to wait to schedule this surgery. We want you to achieve the best results, which sometimes means putting off surgery until it’s in sync with your life plan!”

Tips for recovering after your Mommy Makeover Surgery

Prepare yourself and your family for a longer recovery after surgery

Because a Mommy Makeover combines several procedures, it may require a lengthier recovery. Plan to take more time off from work and make sure that you have extra help at home from family and friends, especially for the first week after surgery. Your body may take up to six weeks to fully recover, but you can return to many childcare and work activities before that. Although Moms are natural multi-taskers, resist the urge to do too much too soon. The easier you take things, the speedier your healing process will be!

Practice patience with yourself and your body

“Although it would be great if your full results set in two weeks after surgery, that is NOT the case with a Mommy Makeover which can take six weeks or more for a full recovery,” says Dr. Philbin. “Your results will develop slowly and steadily and reveal themselves as your swelling and bruising subsides,” he continues. “It’s so important to rest and follow your post-surgery instructions and restrictions to a T. This includes wearing any compression garments, observing lifting limitations, reaching out for help from family and friends when needed. Don’t’ worry; the new you will emerge with each passing week and month!”

Arrange for help when it comes to your kids

Moms are DOERS. Six weeks is a long time to wrangle younger children at home during your recovery. Consider having a family meeting to explain your limitations to your children. Enlist the help of a close friend or family member to split childcare time into shifts so that you have downtime to rest.

Arrange for rides to school and extracurricular activities so that you don’t have to drive every day. Establish a “Mommy Recovery Area” in your home where your children understand that you should not be bothered while you are resting.

Remember that reaching out for help is a sign of strength – not a weakness!

“As a plastic surgeon, a Mommy Makeover is one of my most favorite surgeries to perform,” shares Dr. Philbin. “Not only is it gratifying to help a woman reclaim her pre-baby body from an aesthetic and surgical standpoint, but it is also so fulfilling to play a role in helping her find her self-confidence again!”

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