4 Reasons to Schedule Your Surgery Over the Holidays

Published: November 16, 2020
Category: Breast Augmentation, Facelift, Body Lift, Breast Reduction, Plastic Surgery, Rhinoplasty

Have you been considering plastic surgery but have always seen the downtime necessary for recovery as an obstacle? If so, the holiday season may be the perfect time to schedule your surgery. Although the end of the year is often synonymous with family get-togethers and holiday parties, it is also the season during which many of us utilize our vacation days and take extended time off. This makes the holidays the ideal time to heal from surgery with the assistance of family and friends. Here are the top reasons thousands of people choose to schedule their plastic surgery over the holiday season.

time off

Do you lead a busy life? Whether this is due to a demanding work schedule or the rush of daily life with kids and extracurricular activities, finding downtime to recover from surgery can be difficult. But, the holiday season is generally a time during which we ALL take some vacation time, making it an optimal time to schedule surgery. Not only do you have the time you need to heal without losing income from days off of work, your family and friends may also have time off and be able to assist you with your recovery.

If you prefer to keep your procedure private, surgery during the holiday season also allows you to recover away from the workplace and avoid having to explain anything to your co-workers or clients. You’ll simply return to the workplace looking relaxed, refreshed, and fantastic after the holidays!

indoor recovery

Summers in the Midwest are gorgeous. Who wants to stay inside and recover from a procedure then? Our winters are another story! Most of us make a move to the comfort of the warm indoors in early fall. This transition is ideal for recovering in the safety and comfort of our homes. Rest and recovery are crucial to the results of plastic surgery. These two things are more easily accomplished in cozy clothes cuddled up on the couch watching movies as the outdoor temperature drops than while trying to balance a busy Summer social calendar with trips up to the lake and sweltering temperatures.  Plus, the compression garments you’re required to wear after some body contouring surgeries like liposuction, are MUCH more comfortable to wear in the cool winter months!

less sun more layers

We all know that the harmful UVA and UVB rays emitted from the sun can damage our skin, but it may also affect how exposed surgical scars heal. UV exposure can cause increased darkening of the skin around incision sites. It can also lead to significant complications to skin that has just been treated with deep laser resurfacing. If you have certain procedures in the Summer months, you’ll need to completely cover any incision sites with clothing and SPF at all times. Having plastic surgery in the Winter months allows you to easily avoid the sun because our lifestyles naturally migrate to the indoors, where we are protected from exposure.

In addition to less sun exposure, the holiday season and cooler temperatures also allow you to layer clothing comfortably after your plastic surgery. This is beneficial, especially if you prefer to be more discreet about your procedure.

Hats and scarves can easily cover some of the visible markers of healing facial surgery. At the same time, large cozy sweaters can distract from the temporary swelling of a tummy tuck or breast augmentation. The tanks tops, shorts, and sundresses of the Summer months can be less forgiving.

new you

A New Year symbolizes a New Beginning for many of us. It’s a fresh start surrounded by heightened motivation, healthy goals, and the pursuit of self-improvement. Having plastic surgery over the holidays lets you celebrate a New Year with a New YOU! Depending on the surgery you have and when, your recovery may be completed by New Year’s Day. This transformation can genuinely feel like a new beginning, not only for your body and appearance but also your mindset.

Cheers to beginning a New Year with renewed confidence and absolutely loving the way you look! Our surgeons’ holiday schedules fill up quickly. Schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss any of our surgical procedures by calling (612) 688-3177 or begin your journey by CLICKING HERE.

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