Published: July 28, 2020

To Dr. Nathan Leigh: I wanted to tell you thank you for the fine work you’ve done and how excited I am with the results. Just four months out from my Rhino and the results are absolutely beautiful… I’ve done my homework; so I know within time it will only get better… my ‘downtime’ was almost null… in three days I was back at work. I started an event promo with a major company three days after my surgery and I’ve worked full force, and full time without any down days. It was super easy… I’m super thrilled… I get more events, casting, and auditions because my nose now fits my strong sharp features. I will in due time be back for more work… for you guys rock! Oh… and your staff is so kind! So I thank you… I look in the mirror and forget I’m getting close to 50… you’re making me one hot grandma!*

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