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Published: July 28, 2020

For many years after my children were born, I debated about a tummy tuck. Even though I am a competitive athlete, I could never regain my previous shape. When I began to consider having the procedure, I asked a friend whom she recommended and without any hesitation she recommended Dr. Philbin. Still doubting that this procedure was for me, I agreed to go to a free consultation at the clinic and I immediately trusted you! From the entrance to the clinic, to the consultation and scheduling, everyone was professional, thorough and supportive. The day of the procedure was smooth and professional. Dr. Philbin, your caring bedside manner was unbelievable! You made yourself available to my family in the event they had any questions about my recovery overnight. Thank you Dr. Philbin for all you have done to help me! P.S. My husband loves my new flat stomach too!*

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