Published: October 26, 2022
After my first consultation with Dr. Stewart I knew she was definitely the doctor for me. She had an amazing attention to detail along with knowledge and her calmness left me feeling very confident and comfortable with her. I’ve had four c-sections and had extremely large babies that left my stomach with terrible stretch marks, diastases and a doubled over skin flap. I also breastfed each child for over a year each so I felt insecure about how large my breasts had gotten and uncomfortable in my own skin. She assured me there was nothing I could do on my own to fix my “problem areas” and I was a “perfect candidate” which made me feel relieved and excited that she knew I could feel like myself again. She recommended an abdominal diastases repair along with a tummy tuck and breast reduction and lift. Dr. Stewart went through every detail of the surgery with me and let me know exactly what to expect. I am 10 week post surgery and feel amazing! I’m blown away with the results and know they will just keep getting better, my stretch marks are basically gone and my breasts look like they did before kids! It’s unbelievable. I’ve felt better every day and I’m excited to start getting back into my workout routine this week. I recommend her to everyone I talk to! I truly believe she is the best plastic surgeon out there!

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