“Test Drive” Your Plastic Surgery Results with VECTRA XT 3-D Imaging Technology

Published: September 30, 2019
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They say that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” If this is so, what value would you place on being able to see a three-dimensional simulation of what your future plastic surgery results may look like? Just imagine previewing your face with the profile you’ve always wanted after rhinoplasty surgery. Just think about how reassuring it would feel to sample what several different sizes of breast implants would look like on your frame before making your final decision on breast augmentation. This “dress rehearsal” approach is all possible with the VECTRA XT 3-D Imaging technology available at Edina Plastic Surgery!

Our VECTRA XT system captures ultra-high-resolution 3-D images of specific areas you may be considering plastic surgery for including the face and breasts.  The 360-degree images produced illustrate the possible outcomes of various procedures and allow your surgeon to simulate how they may appear on your face or body. In essence, you get to “test drive” your results and know what to expect before making your final decision.

During your consultation, the VECTRA 3-D system can be used to capture a series of pictures of your face or breasts. The computer program will then generate a 3-D simulation of these areas. Your surgeon can then manipulate these images to simulate what your surgical outcomes may look like. You will be able to view these simulations from a variety of angles and even compare the potential results side by side with your current appearance! The VECTRA 3-D system can be a powerful tool in helping you decide what procedure or procedures may be best for you.

Breast Enhancement Surgery and VECTRA 3-D Imaging

One of the biggest considerations when contemplating breast enhancement, or augmentation, is what size implant will look best on your frame. After a virtual 3-D image of your breasts is created, the VECTRA XT can show you how various styles and sizes of implants may look like on you. You can even view these simulations from multiple angles and with and without a bra or bathing suit. Your surgeon will also be able to simulate what your procedure may look like with the addition of breast lift surgery if recommended.

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Rhinoplasty Surgery and VECTRA 3-D Imaging

The shape and size of your nose can have a dramatic impact on the overall balance and harmony of your facial features. The VECTRA XT’s virtual 3-D pictures can be manipulated to show you what a rhinoplasty – or nose-reshaping surgery – may look like on you. Your surgeon will map out key measurements of your facial features to assess how your nose falls into balance with the rest of your face. When appropriate, the VECTRA 3-D can even be used to show you the additional benefits of a chin implant, facelift surgery, fillers, or fat grafting on your facial profile.

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At Edina Plastic Surgery, our surgeons appreciate what a big decision it is to enhance your appearance through surgery. We believe that the more informed our patients are, the more empowered you will feel. The VECTRA XT imaging system and the simulations it produces can provide you with valuable insight into your surgical options and outcomes and give you the confidence you need to make the best decision for you!

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