Scheduling Plastic Surgery by the Season

Published: December 10, 2019
Category: Plastic Surgery

Why “when” you schedule may matter.

You’ve done it! After months of research, weeks of staring at before and after photos online, and multiple consultations to learn more about your desired procedure – you have decided to partner with a board-certified plastic surgeon and schedule your plastic surgery. Congratulations! The entire team at Edina Plastic Surgery knows what a life-changing decision this can be, and we’re so happy for you! Your next step will be deciding WHEN to schedule your procedure. If you think scheduling around work, vacations, and your social schedule are the only things you need to take into account when picking your date, think again. Choosing a specific season for your surgery can have benefits you might not have even considered yet.

Let’s break down each season and identify the unique benefits of scheduling your plastic surgery at this time and also take a look at why you may want to avoid this season to maximize the results of both your surgery and overall experience.

WINTER | December through March

Winter equals layered clothing and holiday time off – two excellent assets to surgery. Cooler temperatures, especially what we experience in the Midwest, allow us to bundle up, throw on a turtleneck, and conceal swelling from such surgeries as liposuction, tummy tuck, breast enhancements, and facelift surgery. Large winter hats and scarves even allow us to partially hide our faces if we need to run to the grocery store after a facial procedure. An added benefit of scheduling surgery in early December? You get to enjoy your results by New Year’s Day – New Year. New You

SPRING | April through June

The Spring warm-up can trigger thoughts of upcoming Summer attire for many of us. From swimsuits to arm-baring tank tops and cute sundresses, there’s no denying that we simply show more of our bodies in the Summer months. If you want to feel more confident about how you look for upcoming Summer weddings, reunions, and weekends at the lake, Spring can be a great time to schedule plastic surgery, especially since this season still tends to be cooler in Minnesota.

Another interesting benefit of scheduling at this time of year is taking advantage of all the hard work you’ve put into your New Year’s weight-loss resolutions! Many patients who have surgery at this time have lost weight and acquired healthy eating, exercise, and lifestyle habits since December. Scheduling plastic surgery when you are as close to your ideal weight can dramatically enhance your results! It’s important to keep in mind that many plastic surgeons prefer that you be at your stable weight, or within 10-15 lbs. of your ideal weight six months prior to your surgery. In some cases, it may be better to wait until Fall if you still need time to reach your weight loss goals.

SUMMER | July through August

Although we tend to be at our MOST body conscious during the Summer months, this is the least popular and advisable time to pursue plastic surgery. Unless you plan on living in UPF clothing with a giant sunhat locked inside your air-conditioned house, you may want to avoid scheduling any procedure beyond Botox and Dermal Fillers at this time. This being said, a population who may embrace scheduling surgery in the Summer is teachers due to time off from school.

Summer’s mix of heat and sun can be a post-surgical recipe for disaster after many procedures. These two elements can prolong swelling, cause pigmentary damage to healing scars, and cause you significant discomfort if you are required to wear any hot compression garments after procedures like liposuction. Breast augmentation surgery is an exception as no compression garments are needed and scars can be easily covered.

Reframe your thinking and consider using the Summer months to prepare your body for surgery. Adopt a healthy lifestyle that includes a clean diet, plenty of exercise, and quality sleep. Remember, being close to or at your ideal weight when you schedule your surgery will enhance your results AND your overall confidence.

FALL – September through November

Were you active all Summer? If so, you may be in the ideal condition and shape to maximize the benefits of plastic surgery procedures like body contouring, breast augmentation, arm lift, or a mommy makeover. With the kids finally back in school you can shift some of your focus back to YOU.

Fall also means that there is ample time for recovery before the holiday season, ensuring you’ll look your best for all of the upcoming festivities and parties. The onset of cooler temperatures once again allows us to layer up clothing and stay concealed, cool, and comfortable as we heal.

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