Patient’s Story: Eyelid Lift/Blepharoplasty

Published: October 23, 2013
Category: Patient Stories

What prompted you to have eyelid surgery?

When I came to Edina Plastic Surgery for a facelift, I originally did not think that I needed to have anything done to my eyelids. But my surgeon and I discussed it at length and he patiently answered all of my questions. In the end I decided that since the rest of my face was going to get “refreshed” I might as well go for an eyelid lift as well.

Why did you choose Edina Plastic Surgery for your blepharoplasty?

I had consultations at four plastic surgeons and EPS was so far above all the others that I talked to, there just wasn’t any question in my mind that they were the practice that I was most comfortable with. Everything from the spacious lobby, to the in-house surgery center (versus having to drive to West Health to have the surgery done), they were just so superior to the other choices I just knew that they were the right practice for my procedures.

How did your surgery go?

The entire surgery went really well. My surgeon was not only a true artist he was incredibly kind and patient. I had a facelift, a brow lift and an eyelid lift. There was swelling from the blepharoplasty but very little pain. So if people are considering doing eyelid surgery by itself, there is not a great deal of downtime and very little discomfort from it.

What was your recovery period like?

I had normal swelling and bruising after the surgery but my surgeon had discussed that with beforehand so I expected it. There was very little pain associated with the blepharoplasty and virtually no pain associated with the removal of the stitches.

How do you feel about the results?

Honestly I could not be happier about how the entire facelift surgery turned and my eyelid lift is no exception. I just look much more “awake and refreshed”. My eyes show off eye shadow much better now and they are so incredibly symmetrical. And there are NO scars. Not even a trace of the incision is visible! Actually my eyes are more symmetrical now than they were to start with! Even my eyelashes look bigger and more pronounced. My husband is thinking of having the procedure done as well because his eyes are looking very “hooded”. And he would definitely choose Edina Plastic Surgery as well since he knows I was so happy with my results.

Would you recommend your experience at EPS to others?

Yes I definitely would. If you are not happy with your face and/or your eyelids I would suggest going to EPS for a free consultation. The sooner you make the change the more years you will get to enjoy it—that’s my opinion anyway.

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