Patient’s Story: Breast Reduction Surgery

Published: June 3, 2013
Category: Breast Reduction, Patient Stories

What made you decide to have breast reduction surgery?

“I am a very active person. I enjoyed playing sports but my very large breasts made me uncomfortable. It was hard to swing a bat, difficult to run—my breasts were limiting my activities and that was very frustrating.

The type of implant that is best for you can depend on a number of factors, including your physical anatomy and your goals. The doctor will discuss this with you at your consultation so that you and your doctor can determine which option would be best.

The pivotal incident which was my personal “breaking point” happened one day when I went shopping for a bathing suit with my mom. When I came out of the dressing room I was in tears. I was so frustrated that I could not find a suit that fit me/looked flattering on me. When the top fit the bottom was huge. My mom convinced me that it was time to go see a plastic surgeon about a breast reduction.”

What made you choose Edina Plastic Surgery?

“Big breasts run in my family. My mom and my aunt had both had inordinately large breasts and they had both gone to Edina Plastic Surgery and were delighted with their results. Because they both highly recommended EPS that is where I went for my consult.”

What was the free consult like?

“I was very comfortable at EPS the minute I walked into the practice. The doctor answered all my questions, and he took the time to discuss what size my new breasts would be. When he told me that during the reduction you also get a breast “lift”, that was very exciting. I decided to go ahead with the surgery right there at the consult.”

What would you say about the post-surgery results?

“This is probably the best decision I have ever made in my life. I went from a large double D down to a C which is such a perfect fit for my lifestyle and my frame. I thought the recovery period was quite easy. Yes I was sore for a few weeks and it was harder to lift my arms up all the way during that timeframe, but the recovery was actually easier than I thought it was going to be. I had two follow-up visits to EPS for check-ups and for the removal of stitches and everyone was very nice and very caring.
I was back at “full strength” playing sports—and enjoying them much more—in a few months. The scars have totally faded and I am very happy with them. The whole process was so completely worth it and I am incredibly happy with the way I look and feel now. And shopping for a bathing suit no longer leaves me in tears!”

What would you tell others about the procedure?

“Because I was so happy with the results of my breast reduction, I have referred two other patients to Edina Plastic Surgery; my doctor and my best friend. They were also extremely happy that they had breast reduction surgery and delighted with the results. I now know so many women that have gone to EPS we joke that we have our own little “support group”. I would encourage any woman who wants to improve her life by reducing the size of her oversized breasts to go for it!”

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