Patient’s Story: Breast Augmentation

Published: September 13, 2013
Category: Patient Stories

What prompted you to have a breast augmentation?

I had three children in the space of five years and nursed each of them for at least 1 year. My breasts expanded and deflated with the pregnancies and nursing and when my youngest was weaned I realized that they were never going to be what they once were. Eating well and exercise helped me loose the baby weight but there was nothing I could do to improve my saggy breasts. I had the body, mind and spirit of a young person but my breasts looked like they belonged to an old person.

Why did you choose Edina Plastic Surgery for your breast augmentation surgery?

I had heard many good things about EPS, and the online reviews I read about them were outstanding, but I wanted to be completely sure about my decision, so I met with four other surgeons in the area before making a final decision. When I met with my surgeon at EPS he listened to me very carefully and took the time to discuss my goals and expectations. He shared important information with me concerning the procedure and explained things that I didn’t even think to ask. The Vector 3D imaging camera was not available at any of the other practices I interviewed. It really helped to show me what my final results would look like. I scheduled surgery following my consult and started counting down the days!

How did your surgery go?

I was nervous but extremely excited. The staff at EPS is wonderful. They are knowledgeable, caring and friendly. I had some last minute nervousness prior to the surgery but the anesthesiologist, surgeon and nurses all helped me feel at ease. My surgeon took some time to meet with me again on the morning of surgery to review the procedure and answer any final questions I had. When it was time to go to the operating room and lay on the operating table I felt sick with nerves and my surgeon must have sensed this. He held my hand as I was put under anesthesia and the next thing I remember was waking up on the recovery room with my surgeon and the nurses at my side, all making sure that I was comfortable and not in any pain.

What was your recovery period like?

My surgery was scheduled in the morning and I was home by early afternoon. My pain was well managed and swelling was minimal. I was able to shower at home following surgery, which felt great. It was hard to lift my arms or do anything strenuous for the first few days but within 3 -5 days I felt back to my normal self. I used a pain pump that self-drained and felt very little actual pain in my breasts. It felt more like heavy pressure than “pain” during the first couple of days. I was anxious to see the final results and was concerned that my scars would be noticeable but my surgeon recommended taping the scar wounds as they healed and that has really helped my scars fade.

How do you feel about the results?

My EPS surgeon is a true artist. His expertise brought better results that I ever dreamed. My breast augmentation looks natural and fits my body perfectly. I wanted to be sure that the correct amount ofcc’s would be used in my saline implants because I didn’t want to look unnatural or fake. He understood this and was able to deliver the look that I wanted. I am delighted with my results and am a walking advertisement for EPS. I am very willing to show my results to other women who are considering surgery!

Would you recommend your experience at EPS to others?

Absolutely! In the past year I have encouraged a number of friends and family to schedule a consult with the surgeons at EPS. They clearly see how happy I am with the outcome. I’ve been able to wear summer dresses and tank tops without a bra most of this summer and it feels great! My peace of mind and spirit are a direct outcome of the professionalism and artistic talent of my surgeon and the positive attitude each staff member at Edina Plastic Surgery exhibited.

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