Pain After Plastic Surgery

Published: June 23, 2021
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Tips for dealing with discomfort after your procedure

Any surgery, regardless of it is a breast augmentation or having your tonsils removed, will have some degree of pain that follows it. Soreness and discomfort are most pronounced the first day after surgery when the effects of local anesthetic wear off. However, much can be done to manage post-surgical pain after plastic surgery, and your surgeon will discuss what to expect with your recovery at your initial consultation. Although some things will be out of your control, there are many things a patient can do to minimize post-surgical pain and set themselves up for a speedier recovery!

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Plan Far Ahead for Time Off from Work

Anticipate that you will need at least one to two weeks off from work after your plastic surgery. This will vary depending on your procedure, but it’s crucial that your focus is on your recovery and not stressing about a project or client at work. Stress causes inflammation in the body which can be taxing to your healing process. Schedule your surgery far enough ahead to allow for all loose ends to be tied up in the workplace and ensure a worry-free recovery.

Get Into the Rest & Recovery Mindset

Most people experience the most discomfort the first three days after surgery. It’s important to expect this and get into a mindset that is focused solely on rest and recovery. Listen to your body and never try to push through the pain to return to normal activities more quickly. This could jeopardize your recovery.

Line Up Your Emotional Support Team

Pain and discomfort can make even the strongest among us feel a bit vulnerable and frustrated. However, the positive impact an emotionally supportive team of friends and family members can have should not be underrated. Whether you need an extra hand with changing out ice packs or simply want company and conversation, it is important to surround yourself with support after surgery, especially during the first phase of healing.

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Do Everything Your Surgeon Directs You to Do After Surgery

Patients will most likely be prescribed medications to help manage their pain after plastic surgery. These drugs can be very beneficial, especially during the first days of recovery when discomfort is most pronounced. However, you must follow your surgeons’ directions on when and how to take these medications and when you can transition to over-the-counter products. Never exceed the recommended dosage and communicate with your surgeon if significant pain persists or worsens.

Patients will also be given a detailed list of post-care instructions after surgery. These will include weight restrictions for lifting, when and how to shower and change dressings, and limitations on specific movements. Follow these instructions to the letter to ensure that you don’t hinder your recovery or cause more discomfort.

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Take Your Hydration Very Seriously

Hydration is key to your recovery, as it aids the body’s healing process. Attempt to drink at least half of your body weight in ounces of water during your recovery. Staying hydrated may also offset the constipation you may experience from certain pain medications.

Get Your Walking Shoes On

Although it may sound counterintuitive, moving can help ease pain and discomfort after surgery. Of course, it is essential to follow post-care instructions that restrict any specific movements or activities, but most people benefit from an easy, gentle walk around the block. This type of exercise safely increases circulation, which enhances healing and recovery. It may also prevent complications like blood clots.

Speak Up if Your Pain Persists

Although temporary pain and discomfort are normal after plastic surgery, significant pain that persists or worsens for weeks after your procedure is not. Therefore, it is vital that you communicate any changes or concerns with your surgeon to avoid potential complications and to ensure that your recovery is as comfortable as it can be.

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