How PlasmaFlow™ Enhances Recovery After Plastic Surgery

Published: May 2, 2023
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Your plastic surgeon’s credentials, skill, and experience are just a few of the essential factors that may influence your surgical results. Your recovery process is also crucial to achieving a safe and optimal outcome. Patients at a higher risk for blood clots and Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) may feel that having plastic surgery is something they can never pursue for fear of complications. However, with the appropriate pre-op and post-op care, adherence to the strict guidance of your medical team, and the use of new preventive technologies, elevating your confidence through plastic surgery may be within reach. Read on to learn how a device called PlasmaFlow™ not only reduces the risk of forming blood clots after surgery but may also enhance the comfort and success of your recovery process!

What is PlasmaFlow™?

PlasmaFlow™ is a Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) prevention therapy device offered by Edina Plastic Surgery for patients at a higher risk of forming blood clots after surgery and those recovering from abdominoplasty and body lift surgery. It is used during recovery at home to aid in preventing DVT by enhancing proper blood circulation in the body. In addition, PlasmaFlow™ may also help diminish post-operative pain and swelling.

How does PlasmaFlow™ work?

PlasmaFlow™ is worn on a patient’s lower legs after surgery. Because you’re not moving as you normally would after surgery, you’re at an increased risk of developing blood clots, which can be a serious condition.

PlasmaFlow™ provides a mechanical form of continuous, hospital-quality vascular compression therapy that mimics the body’s natural muscle contractions. These repeated compressions increase venous blood flow from a patient’s extremities, making the occurrence of a blood clot less likely. This compression also helps stimulate lymph drainage, thus reducing swelling after surgery.

How do I Know if I Could Benefit from PlasmaFlow™ During My Recovery?

At Edina Plastic Surgery, our plastic surgeons use your Caprini Risk Score to ascertain whether or not you may be at a higher risk for developing blood clots after surgery and therefore benefit from PlasmaFlow™. CLICK HERE to check your score.

Is PlasmaFlow™ Easy to Use? What are its Features?

PlasmaFlow™ is convenient and very simple for patients to use at home. It can protect patients and provide them and their medical providers peace of mind after surgery.

Key Features of PlasmaFlow™

  • Portable and easy to set up
  • Tubeless design makes it easy to use anywhere at home
  • Simple, one-button operation turns the unit on and switches between two modes
  • Visual display shows up-to-the-hour timer, mode, and pressure level
  • Rechargeable battery provides up to nine hours of battery life

What are the Benefits of Using PlasmaFlow™ After Plastic Surgery?

There are several benefits of using PlasmaFlow™ after surgery, both for patients with and without a higher risk of forming blood clots.

  • Aids in the prevention of DVT
  • Enhances blood circulation
  • Reduces post-operative pain and swelling
  • Aids in the treatment of stasis dermatitis, venous stasis ulcers, arterial and diabetic leg ulcers, chronic venous insufficiency, and reduction of edema in the lower limbs

If you have further questions about PlasmaFlow™, please feel free to email our team at Schedule a complimentary consultation with an Edina Plastic Surgery board-certified plastic surgeon by calling (612) 688-3177, texting (952) 925-1765, or CLICKING HERE.

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