The Ideal Implant

Published: March 3, 2017

Edina Plastic Surgery has the exclusive rights in Minnesota to use the new Ideal Implants recently approved by the FDA. We know that when it comes to breast augmentation, women appreciate having options, and the more options the better. At EPS we offer patients the very latest in breast augmentation advancements.

The Ideal Implant is a revolutionary new design in saline-filled implant. It has a baffle structure, two lumens and a series of shells of increasing size nested together to control saline movement; making it behave much like a silicone implant

Many women don’t like the look and feel of the typical saline-filled breast implant which can wrinkle or “scallop” over time. However, these same women may not be comfortable with the silicone gel options.

This new saline breast has recently been approved by the FDA and offers women a great new option. It has two valves that fill the device with saline. This revolutionary new design controls the saline movement to prevent bouncing and provides a more natural result than current single-lumen saline implants. The structured design also provides internal support to the implant edge, while minimizing scalloping and wrinkling. Study results have found this new implant to have a high rate of patient and surgeon satisfaction along with a low rate of capsular contracture compared to current, single-lumen, saline-filled implants.

“The saline-filled implants that we have used to this point were essentially balloons filled with freely-moving fluid,” says Dr. Nathan Leigh of Edina Plastic Surgery. “They can result in an unnatural feel and sometimes the aesthetic results are not as pleasing as we’d like them to be. I believe that the Ideal Implant has the promise to be an excellent alternative to current saline options and some silicone gel-filled implants options, especially in view of the low rate of capsular contracture shown in the studies.”

The IDEAL IMPLANT meets a clear need for saline-filled implants that offer a more natural result for patients who don’t want silicone gel-filled devices.

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