Breast Augmentation Scars

Published: February 28, 2017

Some type of incision is always needed to place a breast implant.
Each incision made in a breast augmentation will result in a small scar. These scars can be placed in one of three places – at the breast crease (inframammary), the lower areola (periareolar), or in the armpit (transaxillary). Which one is best will depend on the anatomy of each patient, as well as the experience and comfort level of the surgeon. Regardless of which approach is used, the scars typically become nearly imperceptible. None of them should be visible in a swimsuit. It is very rare to have poor scars from breast augmentation, but if hypertrophic scarring occurs, treatments can be done later to minimize the scar. If you are considering a breast augmentation come in to Edina Plastic Surgery for a free consultation to discuss your options.

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