Are You a Good Candidate for Facelift Surgery?

Published: March 6, 2020
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3 reasons why you may be. 3 reasons why you may not.

There is one thing that ALL of us have in common regardless of our sex, race, income bracket, or the credentials behind our name. We are ALL getting older. Although we may be able to skirt the visible effects of the aging process with a healthy lifestyle, cosmetic injectables, and laser skin treatments, at some point, most of us will look older than we’d like to.  

As our skin ages, it begins to lose volume and sag. This deflation is due to progressive bone loss, facial fat pad loss and descension, and the waning production of collagen and elastin in our skin. The results of these changes can manifest as flattened, loose cheeks, a droopy jawline, and a sagging neckline. Unfortunately, no magic cream, injectable, or even laser can address this degree of facial laxity. The solution is surgery.

AccAccording to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, over 121,531 people consulted with a plastic surgeon in 2018 and decided to proceed with Facelift Surgery. This statistic may have you wondering if a Facelift may be YOUR solution to turning back the clock on aging skin. Although your first step should always be scheduling a consultation with a plastic surgeon, here are some things to consider when identifying if you may, or may not be a good candidate for Facelift Surgery.

3 Reasons Why You MAY Be a Good Candidate for Facelift Surgery

#1 – You can pull back excess skin, and your face appears much smoother.

We all know what this looks like in the mirror, right? If you now need to use your hands to pull back sagging skin to revisit what you may have looked like ten or fifteen years ago, you may be a good candidate for a Facelift. In fact, this is one of the tests your surgeon will perform during your consultation to assess how much facial laxity you are experiencing. He/she will place their fingers in front of both of your ears and pull up towards your temples and back towards your ears. If significant improvement is noted in the tightness of your jawline when this is action is done, your surgeon may decide that you could benefit from facial surgery.

#2 – Your jawline is drooping.

Does it feel like the corners of your mouth are heavy and spiraling south? Do people ask you why you’re frowning or if you’re angry? Loose skin has weight. 

This weight can pull down the corners of your mouth and create jowls that obscure the definition of your jawline. 

Heavy, sagging skin can also extend down the neckline and give the appearance of a loose turkey’s gobbler, hence “turkey neck.” Facelift Surgery addresses the entire lower face and helps you regain the lift, smoothness, and definition you had to your facial features ten years ago.

#3 – Facial Fillers no longer give you the results you want.

Botox and dermal fillers like Voluma® are wonderful ways to maintain a youthful appearance, but they can only do so much. Cosmetic injectables cannot tighten loose muscles or remove excess skin the way a surgical Facelift can. If you find that you’re spending more and more on fillers each year to achieve the results you want, your investment may be more wisely placed into a surgical solution.

3 Reasons Why You MAY NOT Be a Good Candidate for a Facelift

#1 – Your skin’s quality bothers you more than the quantity of sagging.

Take a good look in the mirror. If what dissatisfies you most about your appearance is your skin’s rough texture, all of the dark spots from the sun, or a few lines between your eyebrows, you probably aren’t the best candidate for facial surgery. 

Treatments like laser resurfacing, photorejuvenation, and cosmetic injectables may be a better option for you at this time. Facelift Surgery will not address your skin’s tone or texture. If these are your concerns, a consultation with a Licensed Esthetician who works within a medical setting may be a better place to start.

#2 – Your aging is all in your eyes.

Facelift Surgery predominately treats the lower face into the neckline. It does very little to improve your eye area. If you are concerned about sagging skin on your upper eyelids, bags under your eyes, or a drooping brow, Blepharoplasty and/or Browlift Surgery may be a better option for your concerns. In fact, Blepharoplasty surgery, which removes excess skin and tightens the eye area, is commonly performed with Facelift Surgery (when appropriate) to achieve more complete and harmonious results.

#3 – You are not currently in a good state of physical or emotional health.

Like any surgery, a Facelift can be dangerous if you are not in good health. If you have major health concerns or issues, your surgeon will most likely advise you to avoid ALL elective surgery until resolutions are achieved with these risks.

You must have realistic expectations when pursuing any plastic surgery procedure. No procedure will fix your life. Although the results you enjoy with a Facelift may increase your self-confidence, surgery is never a substitute for a truly healthy self-esteem and emotional well-being. It’s crucial to bring your healthiest, best YOU to the table when considering plastic surgery.

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