7 Eye-Opening Facts About Eyelid Lift Surgery

Published: November 6, 2023
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Are you bothered by drooping excess skin on your upper eyelids? Are puffy bags or sagging skin under your eyes making you look tired and older than your years? If so, it may be time to consider blepharoplasty surgery. Commonly called an “eyelid lift,” blepharoplasty surgery is not only effective for significantly improving the appearance of your eyes, but it can also restore a more refreshed, well-rested, and youthful-looking overall appearance in both men and women.

“Let’s face it, our eyes can really give away our age,” says Dr. Michael Philbin, a board-certified plastic surgeon and partner at Edina Plastic Surgery. “That’s because they’re the focal point of the face and frequently the first thing another person notices about our appearance. So, when the skin around our eyes begins to droop and sag with aging, it can make us feel very self-conscious.” 

How does the skin around our eyes age?

The skin around our eyes is very thin and delicate, heightening its susceptibility to premature aging. Not only does skin in this area begin to sag due to age-related collagen loss, but it can also droop and deflate due to bone and fat loss. Together, this volume depletion can lead to excess skin that causes the upper eyelids to hood over the eyes, sagging skin below the eyes that causes a droopy, tired look and puffiness, or bags under the eyes due to the descension of fat pads.

How does an eyelid lift restore a more youthful-looking eye area?

Eyelid surgery can be performed on the upper, lower, or both eyelids,” explains Dr. Philbin. “It is a corrective procedure that removes excess fat and skin and then tightens the remaining tissue to create a more balanced and youthful-looking eye area. The results look very natural on both men and women and can create a fresher, more vibrant appearance to the overall face.”

Seven Eye-Opening Facts About Eyelid Lift Surgery

#1 – It is one of the most popular plastic surgeries worldwide for both men and women.

According to the Plastic Surgery Statistics Report, over 115,000 blepharoplasties were performed in the United States in 2022. That made eyelid lift the most popular facial cosmetic surgery that year. With its widespread benefits to both men and women, natural-looking results, and minimal downtime compared to other surgeries, it’s no wonder eyelid lifts continue to increase in demand by 10% each year in the United States.

#2 – The upper and lower eyelids can be treated in a single blepharoplasty surgery.

“I frequently encounter patients who can benefit from both an upper and lower lid blepharoplasty,” says Dr. Philbin. “These two procedures can easily be performed in a single surgery and often lead to more balanced results. During surgery, your plastic surgeon will create a small incision in the crease of the upper eyelid to remove excess skin and fat. They will then make a small incision just beneath the lower lash line to remove or redistribute any fat below the eyes that may be contributing to a puffy or baggy look and tighten the remaining skin. Due to the placement of these incisions, scars are very discreet and barely visible after healing.”

#3 – You can opt to stay awake for eyelid lift surgery.

“At Edina Plastic Surgery, our blepharoplasties are performed on an outpatient basis in our fully accredited onsite surgery center and require no overnight stay,” says Dr. Philbin. “The procedure begins with the administration of anesthesia. You can opt for either local anesthesia with sedation or light general anesthesia, in which you are completely asleep during the procedure.”

#4 – Scars from eyelid lift surgery are barely visible.

Many people avoid certain plastic surgeries due to concerns about scarring. Because the incisions with both upper and lower eyelid lifts are made in the natural folds of the skin around the eyes or near the lash line, any scars are barely noticeable when a skilled surgeon performs surgery. In fact, many scars will lighten so extensively over time they will become virtually invisible. 

#5 – You can combine an eyelid lift with other procedures.

“An eyelid lift is often coupled with other procedures focused on removing signs of facial aging, such as a facelift or brow lift,” says Dr. Philbin. “By addressing the whole face, a more holistic, natural result is created. At Edina Plastic Surgery, we also have our medical spa, Skin Artisans, right in our clinic to complement our surgery services. Many of the services offered there will significantly enhance and extend our patients’ results from blepharoplasty, such as BOTOX® Cosmetic, laser treatments, and physician-grade skincare.”

#6 – Many patients have a speedy recovery from blepharoplasty.

An eyelid lift takes one to two hours, depending on whether the upper, lower, or both lids are addressed during surgery. Most patients return to work within a week and can resume regular activities about ten days after surgery. If any minor residual bruising persists, it can easily be covered with makeup.

“Your plastic surgeon will advise you to not perform any strenuous activities for the first two weeks after an eyelid lift,” says Dr. Philbin. “Most people feel ready to return to work after 7-10 recovery days, although mild swelling and bruising may still be visible. Scars are usually not noticeable once they mature. Full recovery from the surgery – and the best results – may require six to eight weeks, and additional improvements may continue for another six months. Patients can expect to see a significant improvement in the sagging or drooping of their eyelids and a much more youthful and alert appearance that is not weighed down by excess skin.”

#7 – Eyelid lift results are long-lasting.

Patients should notice a dramatic improvement in the appearance of their eyes once any swelling has subsided after blepharoplasty surgery. It’s essential to be patient because optimal results may not be seen until six months or longer after surgery.

“Most patients enjoy incredibly long-lasting results with blepharoplasty,” says Dr. Philbin. “Although surgery can’t stop the clock of aging from ticking, it can turn back the hands dramatically. Patients who diligently care for their eye area after blepharoplasty surgery see the best longevity of their results. This care may include regular BOTOX® treatments to relax the muscle contractions around the eyes that cause wrinkles, skincare products rich in peptides to stimulate collagen growth, and wearing large sunglasses to reduce UV damage to skin. As a surgeon, I enjoy performing this procedure because it has such a high patient satisfaction rate. It’s amazing how improving the appearance of something so small can have such a major impact on a patient’s overall appearance!”

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