6 Things You May Not Know About Breast Implants

Published: November 6, 2022
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Breast Augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgeries worldwide. According to the Plastic Surgery Statistic Report, 365,000 breast augmentations were performed in the United States in 2021 alone. If you are considering enhancing the shape or size of your breasts with this popular surgery, here are six things you may not know about breast implants.

#1 – Your Body Type Matters

“Having breast augmentation surgery is a big decision and a very personal one for patients,” says Dr. Robert Wilke, a board-certified plastic surgeon and partner with Edina Plastic Surgery. “As your plastic surgeon, my goal is to balance your desired aesthetic with the size and shape of breast implants that will conform to your body and achieve natural-looking results,” he explains. “That means we need to consider your body type. A larger framed woman can support larger implants that may appear quite disproportionate on a more petite woman. Remember, what looks great on one patient, may look very different on you. Our goal is to find the ideal size and shape implant that will give you the outcome you’re looking for.”

#2 – Your Natural Breast Width is a Factor

Your plastic surgeon will take several measurements during your initial consultation to help identify the most natural-looking breast implant size and shape for your body. One of these measurements is the width of your natural breast.

“Generally speaking, an implant with a diameter that is the same width, or slightly narrower than the natural best, will look best,” advises Dr. Wilke. “An implant that is too wide can stretch breast tissue, cause the skin to thin over time, and even show rippling, especially with saline implants,” he warns.

#3 – There are Different Incision Sites

The most common incision site for placing breast implants is under the breast.  This technique is generally the safest and most reliable way to place a breast implant.  Other options, such as an incision along the lower half of the areola, can be used.  Your surgeon will discuss these options with you to determine what will be the best for you.

#4 – Breast Implants Come in Different Shapes

Round implants are the most common shaped implants. They are natural-looking and visually appealing on a variety of body types and provide fullness to the upper portion of the breast. Round breast implants come in both saline and silicone and various low-to-high projection profiles.

“As the name suggests, tear-dropped shaped breast implants are shaped like a teardrop and create more fullness at the bottom of the breasts,” explains Dr. Wilke. “Although this sounds good in theory and may initially look like a more natural shape, especially on women who are exceptionally slim with very little breast tissue, a teardrop-shaped breast implant can exaggerate the look of sagging breasts over time. The added volume and weight to the breast’s lower portion can appear heavy and disproportionate to the rest of the body as patients age. For this reason, most plastic surgeons prefer round breast implants that add fullness to the upper pole of the breasts.”

#5 – There are Textured and Smooth Breast Implants

Regardless of the type or shape of breast implant you and your surgeon select, all implants have a smooth or textured exterior. Round breast implants generally have a smooth shell. This quality allows the implant to rotate within the breast implant pocket easily and not affect the appearance of the breast. On the hand, textured implants have a synthetic texture applied to the exterior of the implant to prevent them from rotating within the breast implant pocket. This feature is essential for shaped breast implants, like the teardrop implant, to ensure they stay right-side up.

“As some patients are aware, certain highly textured breast implants have recently been connected to an extremely rare form of lymphoma called breast-implant associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL),” says Dr. Wilke. “A particular implant, Allergan’s Biocell textured implant, was recalled due to this connection. However, it’s important to note that not ALL textured implants are implicated, and most have been safely used for years. Even so, I personally recommend smooth implants due to their decreased risk, versatility, and beautiful results.”

#6 – Breast Implants Come in Different “Profiles”

Many patients have never heard of the word “profile” in relation to breast implants. In a breast augmentation, the profile of an implant determines how far out from the chest your implant will project.

“There is not a direct correlation between implant size and profile,” explains Dr. Wilke. “Implants come in various widths to accommodate a patient’s breast measurements. A 380 cc breast implant will look very different on a petite woman than a taller woman with broader shoulders because the width of the natural breasts will differ, and their plastic surgeon will determine their implant width based on this. On the petite woman, that 380 cc volume will be constricted to a narrower width, which will increase the projection of the implant.”

Low Profile Breast Implants – ideal for a woman with a wider chest who is slimmer, physically active, and does not want to be hindered by more prominent breasts. Low profile implants can increase fullness with less projection.

Moderate Profile Breast Implants – look natural and well-proportioned on many body types as they have just a moderate amount of projection.

High Profile Breast Implants – ideal for women who desire larger breasts, enhanced cleavage, and more fullness in the upper pole of the breast. Breasts will appear rounder with a high profile implant, and a good amount of projection can be achieved.

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