5 Things to Avoid After Breast Augmentation Surgery

Published: January 28, 2022
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If you want to achieve the best possible result from your Breast Augmentation Surgery, you need to take your recovery seriously. Very seriously, in fact. It may surprise some patients to learn that they play a crucial role in attaining excellent plastic surgery results. This is because how well you take care of yourself after surgery directly influences how quickly and well you heal. The better you heal, the fewer opportunities there are for post-surgery complications.

“Many patients assume that the success of their Breast Augmentation, or any plastic surgery for that matter, is entirely in the hands of their plastic surgeon,” explains Dr. Michael Philbin, a board-certified plastic surgeon and partner at Edina Plastic Surgery. “Yes, the skill and experience of your surgeon are extremely important, but each patient is responsible for how they handle their recovery once they leave our office. Instead of finding this intimidating, I encourage patients to feel empowered by how much their choices and actions can influence their surgical results. Plastic surgery truly is a partnership between the patient and their surgeon. We each play a role and owe it to each other to perform it to the best of our abilities.”

Before returning home after your Breast Augmentation surgery, your plastic surgeon will give you a list of very specific post-care instructions. Following these instructions will ensure that you heal quickly and comfortably and don’t inadvertently cause complications to your recovery.

Here are five essential things to avoid after your Breast Augmentation surgery.

#1 – Have questions during your recovery? Avoid consulting “Dr. Google.”

“The internet puts a world of information at your fingertips, but you need to be really careful about the credibility of the source behind that information, especially when it comes to the world of medicine and your health,” advises Dr. Philbin. “If you have questions during your recovery like whether something is normal or when to phase out a certain medication, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Edina Plastic Surgery and your surgeon instead of consulting Google. We care about you, your recovery, and your results and are here for you every step of the way!”

#2 – Put away your running shoes and dumbbells and avoid exercising too quickly after your Breast Augmentation surgery.

After surgery, your body’s energy should be focused on repairing and healing. Returning to a regular exercise regimen too quickly not only drains this energy from your recovery but can also put you at risk for injuries and complications. Your plastic surgeon will give you very detailed instructions regarding when and how to safely add physical activity and exercise back into your life after your Breast Augmentation.

#3 – Celebrate your new body, but avoid cigarettes and alcohol while doing it.

“You will be advised to abstain from alcohol the weeks leading up to and following your Breast Augmentation,” says Dr. Philbin. “Alcohol should be avoided at these times because it can negatively interact with some of the antibiotics and pain medications that are prescribed to you. Alcohol may even influence the effects of anesthesia during your surgery.”

Smoking should also be avoided before and after your Breast Augmentation. This includes chewing tobacco and vaping. Beyond putting you at a higher risk for breast and other cancers, the nicotine in tobacco products can damage blood vessels, decrease the amount of oxygen delivered to damaged tissues, and compromise how well your body heals from surgery.

#4 – Eat well after surgery to have energy for healing, but avoid junk food.

“Your body can burn through an exorbitant number of calories while recovering from surgery,” explains Dr. Philbin. “During this time, you’ll want to make sure that you are consuming healthy, nutrient-dense foods that aren’t laden with sodium and sugar to give it the energy it needs. Too much sodium can cause swelling, and sugar can even trigger inflammation in some patients. Plan and prepare healthy meals before your surgery so you can relax afterward and have healthy options on hand.”

#5 – Use the pain medications you have been prescribed and avoid cannabis.

Pain management is a crucial factor of a healthy and comfortable recovery from Breast Augmentation surgery. Although cannabis has been shown to have pain-relieving effects for some people, your plastic surgeon will advise you to avoid its use for weeks before and after your surgery.

“Alternative forms of pain management, like cannabis, can be dangerous after Breast Augmentation surgery because they may negatively interact with other prescriptions you are on,” warns Dr. Philbin. In addition, smoking marijuana may cause a patient to cough violently, which can cause trauma to healing breast tissues and tear sutures.”

If you want the best results from your Breast Augmentation, follow your plastic surgeon’s post-care instructions to the letter. These instructions have been crafted to ensure your safety and optimize your recovery.

“Post-care instructions, which inevitably come with a lot of “DO NOTS” in them, are not meant to be a punishment or deny you things you enjoy,” says Dr. Philbin. “Remember that your plastic surgeon cares about you and your results. These instructions exist to keep you safe and healthy and set the stage for a speedy recovery so you can get on to enjoying your beautiful results faster!”

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