5 Reasons Why Fall & Winter are the Ideal Seasons to Schedule Plastic Surgery

Published: October 17, 2022
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Making the decision to have plastic surgery is exciting, especially when you have found a plastic surgeon you are comfortable with and who has educated you thoroughly about your procedure. Although it may be tempting to schedule your surgery for the first available appointment after your consultation, many things need to be considered before picking your ideal surgery date. How much time will you need to take off work for recovery? Do you have upcoming social engagements or events you’ll need to schedule around? Does the date work for your family’s schedule if the kids are in school, or you have a family vacation planned already?

In their excitement, many patients choose to schedule their surgery as soon as possible after their consultation, while others scrutinize their calendars to find an interval of time that works best for them and their families. One factor many patients don’t consider is which season they will schedule their surgery in. Read on to learn why fall and winter may be the ideal seasons to schedule your plastic surgery procedure!

#1 – Cooler temperatures = more layers of clothing to conceal your recovery

The recovery from a plastic surgery procedure frequently involves some degree of swelling and bruising, as well as incisions that may need to be protected from sun exposure. Your plastic surgeon may also have you wear compression garments for several weeks after your surgery. Cooler temps in the fall and winter allow patients to conceal the telltale signs of their recovery with bulky sweaters, turtlenecks, scarves, and hats. Covering your skin after certain procedures, such as Facelift surgery, also prevents any scars from turning darker with sun exposure.

#2 – Less heat and humidity = a more comfortable recovery

No one wants to wear compression garments when it’s 90 or more degrees outside! Comfort is key for a smooth recovery from plastic surgery. If you are scheduling surgery, especially a body procedure that requires you to wear compression garments for several weeks, consider your tolerance for heat and humidity. If you tend to run “hot” or get agitated in higher temperatures, your recovery will be much more comfortable in cooler seasons.

#3 – More time indoors = more rest & relaxation during recovery

Most people spend far more time being active outdoors during the warmer months of the year. We tend to sequester ourselves to the cozy inside during the winter months, especially in Minnesota! Being indoors allows us to slow down and relax, two essential factors in recovering from plastic surgery. If you are very active during the warmer months, you may run the risk of pushing your body too far too soon during your recovery. This can lead to opened incisions, a slower recovery, and may even compromise your final result. Consider scheduling your procedure in the winter if you’re highly active in spring and summer.

#4 – The holiday season = more time off from work and help from family and friends

Holidays usually come with time off from work for most of us, especially during the winter holiday season. In addition, most kids enjoy a winter break from school of some sort. This means you’ll not only be able to relax and recover without worrying about work but more family and friends may be available to help you because they have time off too! Having assistance the first few days after your procedure is vital to your recovery. Scheduling your procedure in the fall or winter allows you to take advantage of the vacation days both you and your family and friends may have!

#5 – Scheduling in fall or winter = avoiding the “Summer Scramble” for Plastic Surgery

Interest in plastic surgery increases in the spring and summer. Why?

As people shed their layered winter clothing to accommodate warmer temperatures, they tend to become more body conscious. We begin to realize that we have limited time to look and feel our best in a swimsuit and revealing summer fashions. Scheduling your plastic surgery in the fall and winter allows you to avoid this peak time for plastic surgery. In addition, you also get the bonus of being fully recovered and unveiling your new appearance at the beach or summer get-togethers!

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