Jade P.

Patient Coordinator

Jade can’t remember a time in her life when she wasn’t drawn to working in the health care field. As someone who possesses great empathy and consistently strives to put herself in others’ shoes to understand a situation better, she is naturally suited to the world of patient care. In her role as a patient coordinator, Jade’s kind, bubbly, and warm personality shine as she makes every person that walks through our door feel welcome and comfortable.

With the intention of being exposed to many fields of medicine to help decide which she enjoyed most, Jade worked as a float receptionist in a multitude of specialties early in her career. These included Primary Care, Oncology, Infusion, Rheumatology, Urgent Care, and several others. Through this experience, she acquired the skills of being an efficient multi-tasker and a swift learner. These qualities have served Jade well in the constantly evolving specialty of Plastic Surgery, a field she has grown to love because of its ability to transform patients’ lives by elevating their level of self-confidence.

One of the many things Jade believes is unique about Edina Plastic Surgery is our collaborative relationship with our medical spa, Skin Artisans. As a patient of Skin Artisans, Jade appreciates the complementary relationship between surgical and non-surgical procedures and their ability to enhance one another. She sees this as just another way that our practice strives to cater to the needs of the whole patient to achieve the best results – from the health and condition of their skin to their surgical recovery.

Jade makes it a priority to lead with kindness both inside and outside of work. She knows that many of the people who enter our practice feel vulnerable or insecure about an aspect of their appearance. Jade is proud to be part of a practice that creates an environment that feels safe and supportive for these patients. She is continuously inspired by the courage our patients have and is honored to be a part of the journey they pursue to enhance their appearance and enrich their lives through plastic surgery.

Outside of work, you might find Jade out on the ice! Since she was six years old, she has been playing hockey and still plays on an adult league for fun. It’s no surprise that she enjoys EVERY season Minnesota has to offer. Like people, Jade also has a huge heart for animals, especially dogs, and aspires to volunteer for animal rescue or a shelter in the near future.

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