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The most common ear procedures performed at Edina Plastic Surgery are correction of congenital prominent ears, also called otoplasty, and repair of torn ear lobes.


Correction of prominent ears can be performed in children as young as five or six years when the ear approaches adult size. The operation is usually performed under a general anesthetic as an outpatient (no overnight stay required).

In older individuals, and for revision otoplasty surgeries, a local anesthetic is adequate. An incision is typically made behind the ear and the cartilage is reshaped and sometimes partially removed. Dressings are worn for one to two days after surgery and then a band is worn at night for a few weeks. There may be swelling and bruising for one to two weeks. Normal activities can be resumed after a few days.

Torn Earlobes

Repair of a torn earlobe is a relatively simple procedure, requiring only a few minutes of time and with a local anesthetic. Normal activities can resume in a matter of days and no time off work is usually needed. Sutures are removed after a few days. Patients should wait for a few weeks before piercing or re-piercing the earlobes.

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