Becky D.

Registered Nurse – Recovery

Becky has been drawn to the medical profession since she was a child. Helping and supporting people in times of need and transition are life ambitions that have always resonated with her.  In 2010 Becky became a Registered Nurse. She graduated with Honors and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and has not regretted her decision to become a Registered Nurse for one day since!

Before joining Edina Plastic Surgery as a Recovery Nurse in 2018, Becky spent years gaining a wealth of knowledge and experience in various specialties of medicine. Aside from her BSN credentials, Becky is also a Certified Pediatric Nurse. Becky has extensive experience as a Perianesthesia Nurse, Conscious Sedation Nurse, and Operating Room Circulator for several specialties caring for both children and adult patients. Becky believes this diversity in her background has broadened her understanding of our surgical patients and allows her to address their individual needs more effectively throughout their stay with us.

Becky is drawn to the intimacy of nursing, which makes her exceptionally gifted as a recovery nurse. She likes making authentic connections with our patients at their bedside, educating people on how to best prepare for surgery, and how to take care of themselves post-procedure. Becky views surgery as a true partnership between a patient and their providers and goes above and beyond to ensure that it is a strong one.

Regardless of the reason each patient may pursue plastic surgery, Becky believes that each of us has a unique story. She appreciates that the culture of Edina Plastic Surgery celebrates individualized care plans for each patient and respects their motivation to pursue surgery. Becky is continuously impressed by not only the skill of our surgeons and staff but also the degree of compassion and care our team extends to patients.

When you can’t find Becky at our surgery center, you might find her out on the green with her family hitting golf balls! Becky’s entire family, including her two cherished English Springer Spaniels, also embrace outdoor adventures and love skiing, fishing, hiking, and spending quality time together at the lake.

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