Annika H.

Surgery Scheduling Specialist & Internal Event Coordinator

Annika’s position with Edina Plastic Surgery is unique in that she started with us as a patient! She was so impressed with her results, the care she received, and the warmth and professionalism of the staff that she pursued a position with our practice as a patient care coordinator. Now, Annika gets to share her personal experience at Edina Plastic Surgery with our patients and also play a role in helping them feel and look like their best selves!

A bona fide “people person,” Annika earned her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia in Hospitality Management. This educational pathway was a natural one, as she has always loved raising others up and helping them realize the wonderful, positive qualities they possess. These attributes make it easy for Annika to ensure that everyone who walks through our doors feels welcomed and cared for.

As a firm believer in the importance of self-care, Annika was also a patient of our medical spa, Skin Artisans, before joining our staff. She appreciates the direct correlation between how we look and feel and is a strong advocate for pursuing treatments and procedures that make you feel more confident in your appearance. After all, we all deserve it!

Annika loves working at Edina Plastic Surgery because of the close-knit family dynamic amongst the staff and how this extends into how we care for our patients. She appreciates how her co-workers are consistently warm and friendly and treat each other with respect. Annika values that our plastic surgeons are absolutely meticulous about what they do and honestly care about our patients. Each day, Annika’s goal is to ensure that each patient she interacts with has the same incredible experience she had with Edina Plastic Surgery when she was a patient.

When outside of work, Annika has a passion for activities that bring those she cares about together. She can often be found cooking a big, family-style dinner for her loved ones, planning a night out with her girlfriends, or rallying people together to attend a live music concert and have some fun!

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