Angie E.

Surgery Scheduling Liaison/Analyst

Angie has a “passion for people!” She has been a Surgery Coordinator with Edina Plastic Surgery since 2013. She loves making connections with patients, hearing their personal stories, and discussing how our procedures can help them meet the future goals they may have for their appearance. Angie is very forthcoming about sharing her real-life journey with cosmetic surgery to make patients feel comfortable, confident about what to expect, and excited about their upcoming procedure and results with us.

Like many on our team, Angie believes in a start-to-finish, more “wholistic” approach to patient care. She wants our patients to feel like ALL aspects of their well-being are addressed, whether that’s the customer service they receive via a phone call or the recovery care after their surgery. Angie is proud that Edina Plastic Surgery continuously strives for the highest quality of this caliber of care each and every day.

Being someone who practices what she preaches, Angie is diligent about taking care of her skin and receives regular treatments from our Skin Artisan providers. She loves the synergy between our surgical and skincare offerings and believes that combining the two enhances the overall experience and results for our patients. Plus, she enjoys being able to share her first-hand knowledge and experience. She thinks patients must gain insight from people who have actually had our treatments and procedures themselves!

Throughout her years with our practice, Angie has seen the cultural acceptance of cosmetic surgery change dramatically. She is excited that plastic surgery is now more openly discussed and that people are more informed and educated than they have ever been. Angie is grateful to work with a team of surgeons and staff who not only display excellence in skill and are the very best at what they do, but who also approach each patient with the warmth, integrity, and compassion they deserve.

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